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Jet Set Radio

Mind blowing art direction. Such a unique premise, so well filled out and realised. Very intense yet satisfying gameplay. The perfect game for me.

Also Transport Tycoon (original PC, not iOS/Android remake). Just the right amount of depth to the simulation where you have enough control without being ridiculous like most modern sim titles are.

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If I'm allowed to go back in time, Super Mario Bros. 3. It was (and is) gaming perfection. There is not a single real flaw the game has that I can think of, and for it's time it was massive and utterly stuffed with content.

Outside of that? Maybe Final Fantasy IV. To me, that is still the apex of great "jrpg" style gaming. Again, I can't really think of a single flaw the game had, epic soundtrack, great story, great characters, great system (only FF game to have five person parties), great pixel graphics that still hold up today despite their age. Again, for it's time, a fairly enormous game. And while I love other later Square games, I still think they outdid themselves with their first SNES entry.

I could honestly say the same thing for Street Fighter II as well. To this day, I don't think I've ever played a more complete fighting game, that got any closer to "perfect" than that. Not even Super SFII, I'm talking just the original game, or perhaps Championship Edition because of the playable bosses.

Any MODERN games I'd give that kind of nod to? I was rather partial to Twilight Princess, though I'd really have to think about giving it a 10/10. I think, between the two, Mario Galaxy 1 deserved a perfect score over 2, and I thought it was kind of absurd that outlets like IGN gave 2 the perfect score. I didn't find it to be a "better" game on any level. Yoshi or not, the game, while not BAD, simply felt like another Lost Levels to me, and I thought all around the level design and power ups of the first game were just better, it was better total package to me.

i would rate valkyria cronicles and dark souls 10/10 last gen. but note there are still some "games" from previous generations that go way beyond that scale because they're much more than just games to me.

Pokémon Series.

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Final Fantasy IX

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Uncharted 2 just holds off the Last of Us

There are loads of jRPGs that I really love, but I love in spite of their flaws. I can't really find any flaws in Uncharted 2

aviggo77 said:
halil23 said:
God of War 3.
And as for Indies, Guacamelee! (OP avatar)

you got me


Seriously my favorite indie game ever!

I have two. Sorry aviggo!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Deus Ex

Phantasy Star IV, FF VI, Chrono Trigger, GTA SA, are the first to come to my head, if i have to pick one probably GTA San Andreas

A Link the the Past - After all these years still among the best gaming experiences I have ever had.