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This is the game I bought my PS3 for. LBP and Dragons Dogma, some work out games and a few sub par fighting games are just icing on my very sad cake that is the 7th generation of video games. I'm' gonna be mad if they put this on PS4. But I'll probably still cave and buy it. I loved Ico and Shadow of the Colossus that much flaws and all.

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Zax said:
A game failing to sell 2 million copies after 7 years of development costs (it'd be more by the time of release) would be a huge failure and not worth it to them.

Fair enough, but I doubt anyone who made the game, including those who funded it expected that it would take this long.

I assume they're working on a PS4 port.

Some people enjoyed Ico and Sotc (You may not, but who gives a crap what you think). Therefore, some of those people are looking forward to The Last Guardian, as it is made by the same developers.

Furthermore, the people's anticipation of the game is not dependent upon the potential sales of the game.

I hope that answers your question.

After FFVersusXIII (aka FF15) I have learned to never get excited about a game until there is a release date

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I did. But I stop looking for games the more they get pushed back. It means something about it is so broken that it's not gelling in any sort of way. I'm almost in the same boat for Watch Dogs.

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I do :(

...just a teeny bit.

Zax said:
Also how is ico dated and mediocre?

It's incredibly short. The environments are all very much alike. Pretty much no story. Characters don't speak and so aren't likable or interesting. Too much backtracking. Tedious repetitive combat system. It's a chore to keep fetching back the kidnapped girl. Same generic enemies throughout. A very annoying piston part that's supposed to throw you upwards but takes several attempts to do.

As I said the game came out the same time as FFX and there's absolutely no comparison in the quality of the two.

Funny, I gave up on FFX cause I got bored with the repititive meaningless battles while backtracking.

Anyway this is how I feel about ICO, so yes many craps given to maybe a chance to get close to that kind of experience again. I'll give you the complaint about the piston though, timing the jump right can be akward.

Zax said:

Worse still is FFXV, that was announced 8 years ago, a third of my life ago.

Totally not related very much to the topic but damn, that's some perspective. It seems I too have been waiting for that game for about a third of my life...

I actually kind of do. I don't think of it often, but when I do, I can't help but wish it would've come out (or hurry along in actually releasing... ever).


Yep! I do. The Ico game are some of the few first-party Sony games I enjoy and they are fantastic, so I absolutely do still care about The Last Guardian!