Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do people even give a crap about The Last Guardian anymore?

Not that I'm bummed out about it at this point, but If it ever does re-surface then I'd care.


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I hope it does well, but I don't think it would get more than 2 mil on either 3 or 4. Doesn't mean people don't care about it. Persona games have never sold even 1 mil, but people definitely give a shit about them.

I'll give 2 craps and $60. ICO and SotC are in my top 5 best games ever, so they can take all the time they want. Perfection can't be rushed.

Time is irrelevant to what people desire.

There's no other game in the world I'm looking forward to more.

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I do, and personally I wish it were still a PS3 game, because I'm certainly not going to buy a PS4 for just one game, and thus far there aren't really any other exclusives I know of that would make me want the system.

It's too bad too, because I'm sure it would be brilliant, and I've been waiting literally years (as a PS3 title) for the game to come out.

I will start caring when there is a release date but till then, my cares went to zero


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I never cared for the game at all. Always wondered what people were seeing in "annoying kid with ugly Ratpigeon".

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Zax said:
Also I get the feeling you never played sotc.

I haven't but I've played Ico as it was on PS+. It was a very mediocre and dated game.

Sotc was also on ps+ I think. Try that one out. It came out after ico and is even better.


Also how is ico dated and mediocre? I played it for the first time two days ago and loved it.

Can you objectively prove in anyway that ICO was a terrible game?

Of course no person can prove any game is terrible and I never said it was anyway. I just said in comparison, the game itself is just so so.

Well, you cared enough to ask if people still care about it.

That's not the same as caring about the game itself because I never did.

You also have a very bad mindset that if a game doesn't sell at least 2 mil - it isn't worth making.

A game failing to sell 2 million copies after 7 years of development costs (it'd be more by the time of release) would be a huge failure and not worth it to them.