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It sounds like you don't want others to care because you disliked their games. To this I say, "I do not care about your thoughts and opinions".

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Also how is ico dated and mediocre?

It's incredibly short. The environments are all very much alike. Pretty much no story. Characters don't speak and so aren't likable or interesting. Too much backtracking. Tedious repetitive combat system. It's a chore to keep fetching back the kidnapped girl. Same generic enemies throughout. A very annoying piston part that's supposed to throw you upwards but takes several attempts to do.

As I said the game came out the same time as FFX and there's absolutely no comparison in the quality of the two.

If we saw a new trailer and got some news yes people would care.

It sounds like you don't want others to care because you disliked their games.

Games? I said I played just Ico and was mediocre as in a 5/10.

Zax said:
It sounds like you don't want others to care because you disliked their games.

Games? I said I played just Ico and was mediocre as in a 5/10.

Relevant? ICO is OLD, it is not the last guardian.

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Zax said:
This is where you lost me.

It's true though. The trailer wasn't special in the slightest bit, people only recall it for the creature in it.

Ico isn't that good of a game. Compared to what came out the same year FFX, GTA3, MGS2, Ico was terrible in comparison.

And no it would never sell 2 million copies.

Shadow of the Colossus, and never say never. Also, the amount of copies it could potentially sell... has no bearing on its ability to hype up fans of Ico (a very well-recieved game), and Shadow of the Colussus (a very very very well-recieved game).

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Zax said:

A game failing to sell 2 million copies after 7 years of development costs (it'd be more by the time of release) would be a huge failure and not worth it to them.

Are you concerned about what we want or what Sony does? Whether making this game is good or bad for Sony is none of our concern. I dont work for Sony, it's not my job to decide for them what they have to do.

But as a consumer and a fan, I want this game BAD because we have faith in the team that worked on ICO and SotC. These two games, for whatever reasons, worked for us! even influenced many of us to an extent. Does that bother you or something?

ICO and SotC are two of the most respected and influential games in the history of the industry. ICO has been cited as an inspiration by developers, writers, and directors. I played ICO when it first came out and it blew me away. It had a layer of depth and emotion that was almost unheard of in gaming at the time. Dated? Maybe, but I don't give a damn.

As for The Last Guardian, I'll be fine if it never comes out. That's life. If it DOES come out, however, you can bet that I will be interested. Anyone who has the vision to create unique and special games like ICO and SotC, games that were unlike anything in their own respective time, certainly deserves my attention.

Well for people that likes this genre I can't see why they should not still be waiting and hoping to see it being released. Team ICO was my favourite developers on the PS2, so I am still very excited about this game. Shadow of the Colossus to me is more or less the Zelda of the PS2, even though it's not that similar, but gives me sort of the same feeling while playing it.

I wouldn't even mind complete rip-offs of Zelda to be honest, since I love this genre.

But sure, until this thread I had actually forgotten about it, so fork you for bringing this up. :'(

If they can do something with the game, then yes, I give a damn about the game.