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So... Physical Or Digital?

Physical 172 78.54%
Digital 32 14.61%
What Are Games? 15 6.85%

Physical, I like to touch my games.

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Always Digital. Always.

Well, this is new.


physical all the way unless it's considerably cheaper in digital


For me, it depends on the game.

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Physical on consoles
Digital on portables

The only game I like digital are the NHL games. The rest physical. That's for handhelds too. Although, it makes more sense to go all digital for that, but neither Sony, or Nintendo can get that right.

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I much prefer the ease of access that digital titles grant, but on the other hand I like the ability to resell my physical copies, so I find that I'm not willing to spend anywhere near as much on a digital copy as a physical.

1. My bluray player for my PS3 is broken.

2. If I have money on my PSN account and I'm to tired to go pick up a physical copy or because of a midnight release.

Physical tends to run smoother on consoles, but digital is fancier.

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