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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo : "Targeting Children Is NOT Enough" - Iwata mistranslated AGAIN !

I don't know who to believe!


This seems pretty conclusive that it's "We're not targeting children enough".

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Here's some context from what people in Japan (translated ) are saying about this issue. Unless of course you guys think the Nintendoom conspiracy has managed to make it there as well.

(from Zefah, gaf poster):

I feel like I'm harping a bit too hard, but too many people trying to interpret it another way will derail the conversation. For those of you who have some understanding of Japanese, just take a look at how the quote is being discussed on Japanese discussion boards instead of checking it with your other non-native Japanese friends.

Here's a good one:

Jin's little ASCII art commentary:


あ、そっか大人はWii fitやるからいいのか
じゃ、よゆーで立て直せますね! よかった!

Some comments (and rough translations for those who don't read any Japanese):

What happened to focusing on core gamers?

Focusing only on little kids won't amount to much profit.

He really thinks he can make money by tricking kids, doesn't he?

Huh? I got the impression they were already focusing ONLY on kids.

Time to exploit the kid audience some more!

What a dumbass. They're already focused enough on kids.
There's no hope for Zelda, Metroid or Zero (Fatal Frame) now.

If you want to focus on kids, get rid of that tablet.

I wonder what their shareholders think when he says they're going to tighten their focus on an even smaller part of the pie like the kid demographic.

Focusing on kids means they're going to have to drop the Nintendo fanboy audience.
Not like it matter. Those guys have always just been vocal despite not buying much anyway.

Wasn't the Wii U supposed to be about core gamers?

What was all that talk about going to get the core gamer?

They should go back to basics and make playing cards!

Problem is that there are fewer and fewer kids in Japan every day...

There are a lot of people out there that look like adults but have the brains of children...

They're going to become even more focused on kids?
My expectations for Nintendo hardware can't go any lower.

But they already released Pokémon

Wonder what's going to become of Bayonetta 2. Kids won't buy that.

The reason they're in this position in the first place is because they shit out a bunch of garbage games.

岩田! ミニゲームだ!!
Iwata! More mini games!

What he's really saying is that they aren't (and can't) count on Nintendo fanboys anymore.

Nintendo is in a totally different world than Sony and Microsoft.
When the Wii U was launch, there were people who pretended that wasn't true (even inside of Nintendo).
As long as that mistake is ending, I couldn't be happier.

If they're trying to target kids, I have no idea why they tried so hard to steal Monster Hunter.

Just some examples. Seriously, no one is interpreting it the opposite way, nor should they, because that would be odd.

That translation sounds so wrong. lol! XD

Gaf translators are saying:
"we did not do enough to attract children" and
"Our approach to targeting children has been inadequate" and also
"We haven’t been targeting children enough"

are all accurate.

I would love it if Nintendo went hardcore, I love rooting for the under dog :) part of my love for Sony last gen was that they were the under dog.

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Man, I should've gone into translating Japanese as a career. I could've made a fortune by the looks of this.

Does this mean theyre totally gonna go balls to the wall with "mature" content?


Carl2291 said:
Does this mean theyre totally gonna go balls to the wall with "mature" content?

It means they'll be making more games specifically for children.

AwakeandAlive said:
manuel said:
Mr Khan said:
ryuzaki57 said:
No, actually it says "our approach towards children wasn't sufficient"

Looks like they want to focus on kids and casuals even more...

The semantics lean more towards "the children's approach was insufficient" not that "we are insufficiently reaching out to children."

No they don't. ryuzaki's translation is correct.

man, seriously...Nintendo released ONLY casual games in 2013. Do you REALLY think, that Iwata said that they haven´t targeting children enough ? 

I think it's not about the number of games. (I haven't actually read or seen what he said...)

In my opinion he probably means that they couldn't reach their target group (the children) enough, in short: They probably didn't do enough advertising. While there are a lot of games, they failed to communicate the existence of those games. I think that's what he means by saying their approach was lacking.

Need something off Play-Asia?

I knew it was but its too late to point it out now. The truth is meaningless to the haters. All they care about is having a reason to justify their hate and sites have given them that