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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is the Resident Evil franchise doomed forever?

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      As we all should know by now the Resident Evil franchise has not been doing very well in the last couple of years. Resident Evil 5 sold well, but the reception was much worse than RE4's reception. Then we got  Operation Raccoon City which was a failure of a game and its existance is simply questionable to me. There is also the disaster that is Resident Evil 6. A game that is full of QTEs and linear shooting sections, it's pretty much the opposite of what a Resident Evil game should be. There was also Revelations, but getting a good  game  once in a while is simply not enough anymore.

       What do you think? IS the RE franchise doomed? If yes, will it ever recover? Can a reboot help this damaged franchise?

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It's currently in the hands of Capcom. So yes.

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How I yearn for a return to the PS1 RE's. I've looked for every RE knockoff of the original titles just because I like that type of game. It's to bad they can't get in a smaller mindset when it comes to making their games. Everything has to outdo every other title instead of just making a game like they made 15 years ago. If the RE titles of today were the first of the franchise, I don't think RE would be as successful or popular. I'd love a PS1 looking RE even as a 20 dollar download game, the crap voice acting, jump scares, limited resources, and puzzles are far better than the action movies inspired games that seem to have more to do with the crap movies than the original games.

Without its creator, the series is nothing. It may as well go away forever.

It is:


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I can guess the situation of next resident evil.

Title: Resident Evil 7.
Available platforms: ps3, ps4, xbox 360, x1, pc, ouya, 3ds, Vita and iphone / android.
Awesome new features: Day 1 DLC, Disk locked content, microtransactions to upgrade weapons and new skin pack.
Add on feature: You can buy ammo for the game (using real currency) because ammo is scarce in the game.
Versions: Super mega awesome collectors edition, collectors edition, special edition and normal edition.

I love these series. I even... "enjoyed" Resident Evil 6 with a couple of friends! It's one of my favourite franchises. I don't want to see Jill Valentine go...

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I liked all of the mainline titles in the series.

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ask kyliedog.

oldschoolfool said:
ask kyliedog.

Everything  besides the PS4 is doomed to him. :/

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