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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is the Resident Evil franchise doomed forever?

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i cant see the next game doing well unless its a reboot or has drastic changes to the environments controls and gameplay

hope evilwithin turns out to my liking b/c its been awhile since i enjoyed a survival horror


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I like them. This is gonna be controversial, but i prefer the RE formula to The last of us.
I like that you play these tough characters that want to save everyone aswell as the web of intrigue. Its dumb, but i like the way it makes me feel. I also like the bosses alot more.

just let it be Nintendo exclusive and it will be fine. (at least make it a timed Nintendo exclusive for a year or 2)

The franchise needs to be rebooted. Honestly, the way the story has progressed beyond 4 is terrible. The global awareness of the bio terror and the subsequent special forces teams are more home to an action game instead of a horror.

Resident evil needs to return to its roots, being terrifying. They can keep the more action focused controls and still be scary. The problems lie in the level design, story and setting.

The franchise can be saved, but Im not sure if capcom actually has the talent to make it happen...

Currently, yes.
But if Capcom gives it a rest, and bring out a whole new rebooted RE experience, that would make it alive again.

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It died when the ps1 died. Now just another 3rd person zombie shooter, stale. R.I.P.

Ways to improve the Resident Evil franchise:
1) Stop shoving the boring, annoying and steroid-addicted Chris Redfield down my throat. In fact, just kill him off.
2) Hand the franchise over to a better company than Capcom.
3) Stop turning all of your strong female characters into damsels in distress (eg. Claire and, to an even larger extent, Jill).
4) Make the franchise scary again.
5) Perhaps it's time to move on from Umbrella and the T-Virus (and all of its variations) once and for all.

If they do another game similar to Resident Evil 6, then yes. Honestly, they need to go back to Resident Evil's roots, where survival was a necessity. If Capcom wants to do the whole co op thing, I think they should give the Outbreak series another chance.

RE needs to be it's own thing I say rather than going in a new direction it should return to it's roots.

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JazzB1987 said:
just let it be Nintendo exclusive and it will be fine. (at least make it a timed Nintendo exclusive for a year or 2)

So your saying you'd much prefer the game purely if it is was exclusive to a Nintendo system?


OT: I'll wait until I've started Resident Evil: Revelations, until then, the franchise is dead to me.