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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ryse what? Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor FTW

Looks great. They also made Guardians of Middle Earth, which was a good, but extremely buggy game. I have doubts about how ironed out this game will be, but I will still give it a shot.

Will get the awesome Ryse when I buy my Xbone to hold me over until this one comes out.

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look really good. but more like AC which is great. We need more of AC/AC than FPS games.

see wat i did there?

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Could be pretty awesome. The games system looks pretty intriguing.

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why are u talking shit..


wtf bro whats up

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Seems pretty awesome.

Borrowed from the good qualities of AC as well as Batman.

Plus I love the Hobbit/LOTR universe.

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Great trailer, but I'm really skeptical of the game. Doubt it will live up to our expectations.

Also there's that whole AC2 copy thing to keep my eyes on. I certainly wouldn't want to support them if it ends up being true.

ikxQQz said:
As usual, can't control an evil character :(

I'm willing to be you turn evil by the end of the game. That wraith shit is ringing 'path of doom' alarm bell all over the place in the most cliche manner possible.

It looks like Assassin's Creed and Arkham had a baby in Middle Earth! This is definitely on the radar after that video - which was pre-alpha code! - the game is looking very solid already and the visuals are only going to improve.

selnor1983 said:
McDonaldsGuy said:
I thought Ryse would have worked much better as a middle earth LOTR ripoff than a more history game. It would have given a more variety in enemies and environments for example.

Ryse isnt based on history. It merely borrows from it. Unless gods and supernatural are real.

Well I know Ryse isn't based on true stories, I mean it should be more like mythology, like God of War. Fight monsters and stuff, rather than just other warriors.

This strikes me as something we will see more of this gen. Smart enemies with personalities. This could be an exciting direction for gaming if it works well.

Definitely curious about this game.


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