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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If One Of The Big 3 Went Bankrupt, Which One Going Would Be The Best For The Gaming Industry?


Which one would be the best for the industry?

Nintendo 35 13.36%
Sony 55 20.99%
Microsoft 172 65.65%

In the title. I'm not sure, but I want to know what everyone else thinks.

Edit: Voted Microsoft.

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I'd say none.

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_crazy_man_ said:
I'd say none.

Then which one would be the worst for the gaming industry?

To be controversial... I'll say Nintendo.

Someone else picks up the ip's and all is well... In fact the ip's get enjoyed by more people than ever so it will be good for the industry.

Not sure that is the answer you hoped for though.

Sony Or MS leaving would be very bad as they push each other along with the "race" they seem to be in.

So there you have it, a reasonable and well thought out argument for Nintendo leaving being the lesser of three evils.

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to be clear... ANY leaving would be very bad for industry, but that wasn't the question.

I'm not really here!

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Nintentacle said:

In the title. I'm not sure, but I want to know what everyone else thinks.

Edit: Voted Microsoft.

at least give a reason... as I have.

dollar signs, blind hate and hyperbole arent reasons btw.

I'm not really here!

For the industry: Nintendo, because they are the only ones who would dare to put the trajectory of the industry into question.

For gaming: Microsoft, because they are the primary enabler of the anti-gamer movement.

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To be honest, any of them leaving would be nothing but bad for the gaming industry, so the true answer is none.

However, for the sake of this poll, I voted sony. Only reason is they are too dominant, stifles competition. It is a stupid reason and i dont actually believe it, but there ya go.

I like Ninty and Sony the most and their first party offerings would not be made up for by a simple poaching of their studios and talents so I have to say MS because while I like games like Gears and Halo I would not miss them nearly as much. While their competition has been good for Sony to offer things like Plus, back in the PS2 and PS1 they really weren't competing and Sony still pumped out quality titles and affordable consoles. PS3 was expensive because of what was being offered and they sold it at a loss so don't tell me that's the product of bad competition. Now if only we could get a little more parody so that Ninty and Sony could both live healthily in their weaker sectors (home and portable respectively).

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If I had to name one, that would be Microsoft.

The reasons are that Microsoft and Sony push the industry in the same direction, but Sony seems to understand the market better than Microsoft (they had to after the fiasco that was the launch of the PS3) so they deserve to stay, at least until they mess it up again. Meanwhile, losing Nintendo would be bad because they go for a different approach given that they can't directly compete with the other two, meaning that they end offering something new or unique (sometimes it works, others not).

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