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Forums - Sales Discussion - December 2013 NPD Thread! - Everything is in the OP!

Tagging. Normally I give predictions, bug not today. All I shall predict is meltdowns and disappointment.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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 Wii U will be overtracked right, guys?

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War has changed...

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Prediction: Overtracked, because I am pessimistic.

Lusche said:

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Tagging. History will be written today (it has already been written, but you get the point I hope)

AZWification said:

 Wii U will be overtracked right, guys?

XBONE: Slightly overtracked
PS4: Slightly undertracked
3DS: Overtracked
WiiU: Slightly overtracked
360: Overtracked
PS3: Spot on

Looking forward to an update on Poké, Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 3D World numbers!

tagged. this well be interesting. we can only hope for numbers that will cause any kind of meltdowns.

Wii U only selling about 600k (or slightly less) for November + December 2013 combined would be pretty sad but it seems likely. 

For reference the Gamecube in North America sold 600k+ in all three of its first December months (2001, 2002, and 2003) alone.