Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Arizona tv news has a segment about the new Zelda Game Hyrule WArriors, and thinks Link is a girl and calls link "fierce", and says "you go girl!"

lol, very surprised that this game is getting mainstream attention though. But really? You go girl?

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Bahahahaha! Well...he IS wearing that fabulous scarf/shawl, and his hair is silky and extra blonde, and his face is awfully pretty...and the series IS named after a girl...

In all seriousness, attention on the actual games it has and the games coming (like Hyrule Warriors) is what the Wii U needs right now. So I say let the ignorant and uninformed say what they need to say if it's free positive-oriented advertising for Wii U. At least this report wasn't trying to say that this is Nintendo's next core Zelda entry into the mainline series like another news outlet said.

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Calling link a girl or mistaking link for Zelda, since its a new "Zelda game"

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You mean to tell me that Link isn't trans???

Have a nice day...

Funny how even when the game doesn't have "Zelda" in its (working) title, people still make this mistake.

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The scarf, though...


That was so shallow that my feet and hands are now covered in sand.
Game looks good though.

Youd be surprised at how many people actually think that Link is called Zelda. Classic ignorance.


To be fair... I think many people would tap that Link from Hyrule Warriors if they didn't know he was a boy that is


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