Forums - Sony Discussion - Can the PS4 renew the lack of home console gaming in Japan?

I personally, prefer handheld over console games. So i ain't even mad.

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Not much of a chance. Japanese third parties don't have many games in development for the PS4. Beyond that, the PS4 doesn't do anything different than the PS3, so it's easy to arrive at the conclusion that fewer games will lead to fewer sales. Although the popularity of Western games is growing In Japan, so the PS4 might be able to pull off PS3 level sales in the long run.

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I can only offer anecdotal evidence.
I've been to a few electronics and video game stores recently and all had plenty of PS4 preorders available.

So either the supply situation is very good or the demand isn't too big. (Probably a mix of both.)
(I don't live in Tokyo. There the situation might be different.)

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I'm getting a boner just thinking about the jrpg possibilities on the ps4.

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No, PS4 will change nothing and Sony itself is partly to blame for this. Sony is a Japanese company and they treat their own country as not important, they releas the ps 4 at the very end there. This tells all about you have to know about how Sony views japanese market.

Japanese customers and developers are focused on Smartphone and Handheld gaming and Sony does their best to change nothing about this.

Glad you brought this up, I was curious as to why Sony released the PS4 last in Japan, they always released their new gaming consoles in Japan first what changed?

some one slapped some sense in them, thats what changed.

Who here thinks Killzone Battfiled and COD make sense as the only major launch titles, for japan.

Well maybe a big delay for Japan is because they had a big Japanese game that got delayed that could get announced soon....its possible.

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Yes, i'm pretty sure the PS4 will renew the lack of home console gaming in Japan!

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Grandia said:

But this is a consequence of Sonys new focus and direction. It is up to Sony to decide which games they develop if they would not spam out hundrets of generic Shooters but instead let one of their Japanes developers  finally make a sequel to Legend of Dragoon or some new JRPG IP than  they could  easily launch way earlier in Japan. The big problem is that Sony gives a crap about the japanes market and with their actions they influence the importance of console gaming in japan as a whole in a negative way. 

Its a consequence of reality that japan is no longer a major market, others have caught up.  I expect France Geramny and Uk individualy to have greater PS4 sales then Jaapn.  Europe was PS3 biggest market and its launced last there, just casue for the first time ever Jpan has to wait doe snot mean its been forgotten.

Much of Japan demise can be atributed to their devs, make a FF worth a dman and lets see what it does.