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Borderlands with no guns!

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Why have they got this stiff as the host? It's not like he's going to draw in a non-gamer audience.

bananaking21 said:
boring.... telltale....just boring...

thought it was just me....


By the way the guy telling the "jokes"....  Fucking stop. 

I'm not really here!

God Joel McHale is already pissing me off, I will never live through this...

talking too

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I just started watching did I miss anything?

           Survivor Millennial vs Gen X!!

I'm looking forward to Reggie's DK announcement. That's how much I like the show so far. -_-


FatedReality said:
I just started watching did I miss anything?

3D Pokemon announced for PS4

Jesus, shut him up!!

I'm not really here!