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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Official VGX Thread, Updated With All Announcements

kowenicki said:
bananaking21 said:
boring.... telltale....just boring...

thought it was just me....


By the way the guy telling the "jokes"....  Fucking stop. 

i mean its more interesting than the (wrong) leak we saw. but its still boring, very much too.  im tunning back in on the show in like 20-25 minutes to see that riggie is gonna show, then QB (which i believe can be the highlight of the show) and then the bonus WP.

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This show makes me embarrassed as a human being for watching it. How can people script this garbage?

What the flying fuck?

blkfish92 said:
kivi95 said:
blkfish92 said:
How do I watch on ps4?

What's new page on the XMB.

Erm no..I just see all the trash people on my friends list have accomplished.

Oh sorry read it as PS3!!! PS4 via the brower on or via the HULU app. Official Playstation Vita Thread! Come in and join!!!

How original...

I'm not really here!

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Well this has been beyond horrific so far.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Please make Smosh go away.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

lol wtf this aint youtube pls gtfo

The Half Life 3 thing made me snigger, Ill admit.