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3DS or PS3

3DS 135 41.80%
PS3 164 50.77%
My memory is short and I ... 24 7.43%

I'm pretty sick of all the threads about Wii U being doomed and PS4 vs. Xbone talk so I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on this.  Both consoles had terrible launches with a big lack of software and a price too high for consumers.  Both were written off as doomed, yet both ended up being extremely successful.  I am leaning 3DS but in reality Nintendo never really had any competition, they were just shooting themselves in the foot by not releasing great launch software. PS3 had a real chance of being a total flop, but Sony found a way through and that momentum seems to have carried over to this generation.  I don't think there is really a right or wrong answer here but let's see which side gets a better argument.

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Definitely PS3. I mean come on, 599 US dollars mawn!

Come on, the 3DS went from being a completely dead console to selling the most hardware consecutively month after month for the past year damn near. Nothing has ever had a turn around like that.

PS3, it cant be that hard for 3DS when it has no competition.
PS3 came up against 2 of the best selling home consoles of all time

Now THIS is a tough one. I'm gonna have to meditate on this.

mZuzek loves to pre-order

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PS3 because price

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- Sony had created a very high priced console that was supposed to have cost even more to make.
- This means that it would never be as easy as a quick price drop like the 3DS was able to do.
- Despite releasing after both of its competitors or a week earlier than the Wii in America, it was able to pull off nearly identical sales to the X360, a console that released a year earlier.
- The lower sales for the majority of the gen, and possibly still going(?), did not stop the PS3 from becoming a huge success.

I really don't find 3DS's turn around impressive at all. I'd say the Xbox 360 or perhaps the Wii would be a better fit for comparison. Not in terms of that they started out slow, but they managed to turn around their entire brand from doomsville to being serious contenders. Wii brought Nintendo from a very distant 2nd place to a semi-distant 1st, as the 3rd best selling home console ever, that might become 2nd even.

Xbox 360 turned MS into a major player in the video game industry. Xbox already brought some big things, but Xbox 360 really brought it home for MS.

PS3 definitely. I remember when I was one of the few loyal to the Sony when I got my PS3 in 2007, and now most of my friends are Sony gamers.

You guys just wait till the Dreamcast has its turnaround..


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