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I won't post in this thread but I think more MS users will want to read that... feel free to call me a fanboy, hater or anything else... you are welcome.

A new terms of use agreement for Xbox Live will roll out later this week, Microsoft announced today, one that requires its users to agree to commit to keeping their account secure and, more importantly, allow the company to share certain personal data with its partners.

According to a post on Xbox Wire, the new Xbox Live terms of use "now asks all users to commit to keeping their contact information up to date" in an effort to bolster security.

"Protecting your account from unauthorized access and fraud is a top priority for us," the post reads. "It helps keep Xbox Live safer and more secure for everyone."

Microsoft's new terms also cover what information the company can share with partners who publish apps, like HBO Go, Netflix, ESPN, and others that require a separate user account.

"If you choose to link this account with your Xbox Live account, we confirm key data points across the accounts by sharing data such as your name, address, email address and date of birth with the partner," the post reads. "In this TOU update, customers agree to allow Microsoft to share this information in this manner."

Microsoft's current terms of use, effective as of July 2013, can be read at Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live TOU indicates that Microsoft can share certain personal information provided to the company, but the updated terms appear to grant the company broader use of that data.

We require certain permissions in order for you to evaluate or use and for us to enable the features and functions of the Xbox LIVE/Games for Windows-LIVE service. These features and functions include leaderboards, live-hosted gameplay, achievements, tournaments, and gamer profile sharing. If you evaluate or use or we enable these features and functions, you grant Microsoft and its affiliates, resellers, distributors, service providers, partners, and suppliers (each, a "Microsoft party") the following permissions: Microsoft parties may use, track, store, copy, distribute, broadcast, transmit, publicly display and perform, and reproduce: (i) your game scores; (ii) your game play sessions; (iii) your presence on the Xbox LIVE/Games for Windows-LIVE service; (iv) the time that you spend on or within particular portions of the Xbox LIVE/Games for Windows-LIVE service; (v) portions of the Xbox LIVE/Games for Window-LIVE service that are displayed on your monitor or screen and the duration of that display; (vi) rankings, statistics, gamer profiles, avatars, and content that you may submit; and (vii) other usage information. These permissions apply with or without attribution to you, your gamertag or avatar. We may use these permissions without notice or compensation to you of any kind. To avoid any confusion, we have the right to make information pertaining to your use of, and gameplay on, Xbox LIVE available through Games for Windows-LIVE, and vice versa. If you choose to link your Services account with the account of a Microsoft party on the Xbox LIVE service (for example, a game publisher or app provider), you agree that Microsoft may share limited account information with that Microsoft party. Such account information may include name, address, email and age but will not include any credit card or other payment information.

Microsoft's overarching online privacy statement indicates that Xbox Live account holders can opt out of sharing some of that information, but it's unclear if the following will change.

If you have an or Xbox LIVE account, you can set your contact preferences and choose whether to share your contact information with Xbox partners by accessing My Xbox on the Xbox 360 console or on the website. To access these settings on the website, select My Xbox, Profile then Contact Preferences. On the Xbox 360 console, select My Xbox, Profile then Online Safety.

We've contacted the company for additional clarification.

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At least it isn't Kinect gathered info.

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Pretty standard terms of service contract by the looks of things.

From Sony Entertainment Network TOS. This is as of October 2013, and includes PSN:

Unless otherwise required by law, SNEI is not responsible for monitoring or recording any activity on SEN, including communications, although SNEI reserves the right to do so and you hereby give SNEI your express consent to monitor and record your and your Sub Account's activities and communications. SNEI reserves the right to remove any content and communication from SEN First Party Services at SNEI's sole discretion without notice and to terminate any SEN Account through which violations of the Community Code of Conduct occur. SNEI may also take steps on behalf of its device platform partners to disable permanently or temporarily any device on which you receive SEN First Party Services and through use of which you violate the Community Code of Conduct. SNEI may use any data it collects, including the content of your communications, the time and location of your activities, your Online ID and IP address and any other collectable data, to enforce this Agreement or protect the interests of SNEI, its affiliates, SEN First Party Service users or SNEI's or its affiliates' licensors. Such information may be disclosed to appropriate authorities or agencies. Any other use is subject to the terms of SNEI's Privacy Policy. SNEI has no liability for any violation of this Agreement by you or by any other SEN First Party Service user.



SNEI will collect and share with its affiliates, including Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC ("SCEA"), information relating to your participation in SEN First Party Services, including your sign-in ID, friend's list, communications, purchase history and game play history (collectively, "Information") as well as your personally identifying information. You may have an opportunity to permit SNEI to share your Information relating to your participation in SEN First Party Services with third parties. If you choose to do so, use or distribution of your Information on any third party website or service may be subject solely to that third party's terms of service and privacy policy. Before electing to share your Information, please be aware of the kinds of Information you will be sharing and review the third party's terms of service and privacy policy. SNEI may also provide your Information to its subsidiaries or affiliates and vendors in order to provide you with the SEN First Party Services. You hereby authorize SNEI to use, distribute, copy, display, and publish your Information for any legitimate business purpose, including tournaments and ranking, without payment to you.

So, as yo_john said. Standard agreement. No need to continue the Xbox One bad news train.

yo_john117 said:
Pretty standard terms of service contract by the looks of things.


Thats what I got out of it also.

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Like every other TOS. Jesus. You need controlling.

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I can only assume this is the same for most of these contracts. Nothing to see here.

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More shocked that anyone actually takes time to read those TOS.. Like we don't all scroll down and click on "accept"


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Well thats actually not standard agreements in europe. M$ have already been in trouble for similar practices.

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Its saying u agree to share your info with people you already share your info with. so if u have a Netflix account and u connect it to Xbox live they share info between the two