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Forums - Sony Discussion - I love Naughty Dog

Just realised something! I really really love Naughty Dog.

I mean, I get that many here love games in general or certain games: But I actually feel like the highlights of my life is experiencing the games that Naughty Dog develops. It is the biggest joy and passion that I have. Really I love video games as a whole, but Naughty Dog in particular keeps warming my heart and moments like these where we have no clue on what they're doing is excruciating for me because I want to be excited again. It like.. reflects on me during my every day life too. I am less energetic when I have nothing to be hyped for :P

Now this is obviously not a healthy thing (right?), but I just had to come clean. Maybe later down in life, I'll prioritize differently and what-not but at the moment, this is my situation and I can't say I really mind it.


I don't expect anyone to have a similar relation with a developer or game(s), so I'll just ask: What developer do you like the most and why?

Let's keep the love flowing in this thread for whoever wants to share <3 GO!

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I've always been both a Nintendo and Capcom lover. I've always loved their games. I've felt the most epicness of moments in games of theirs. Yeah.

Mine used to be SE until they changed and broke my heart :(

Naughty Dog to me are truely and unarguably the only studio who innovate (ok not the only one but they are the most innovative) They changed up their genres from platformer, racing, action, horror

My favorite is Clap Hanz.

They make the same game better each time.

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Retro Studios. every single title they released was amazing. there should be an official "Retro Studios Seal of Awesome".

I have a lot of love for Nintendo! Also I had an incredible love for Squaresoft... but now I feel nothing...

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

I never felt like that for a developer. I mean, I am a huge Bungie fan but my feelings for them are like 0 haha

They are in my opinion the best of all if it comes to the relationship between developer and community and they gave me the franchise i probably invested the most gaming time in my life in and that is Halo. Destiny is my most anticipated game right now and every single time they show me something i just like it a lot, even if it is only a new weapon skin or something like that...

Naughty Dog for me as well, easily the best developer around at the moment imo, they've developed the top 3 of my favourite games this gen. They are the biggest reason for me to stick with PlayStation, along with other WWS, but ND is the greatest asset. Can't wait for their next game. Hope it is a sequel to one of their existing franchises, since they are among my favourite ever, and a reveal at this year's VGAs.
Not many games really excite me, none revealed at the moment really, new ND project would be such a thing of excitement by definition.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!