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Just realised something! I really really love Naughty Dog.

I mean, I get that many here love games in general or certain games: But I actually feel like the highlights of my life is experiencing the games that Naughty Dog develops. It is the biggest joy and passion that I have. Really I love video games as a whole, but Naughty Dog in particular keeps warming my heart and moments like these where we have no clue on what they're doing is excruciating for me because I want to be excited again. It like.. reflects on me during my every day life too. I am less energetic when I have nothing to be hyped for :P

Now this is obviously not a healthy thing (right?), but I just had to come clean. Maybe later down in life, I'll prioritize differently and what-not but at the moment, this is my situation and I can't say I really mind it.


I don't expect anyone to have a similar relation with a developer or game(s), so I'll just ask: What developer do you like the most and why?

Let's keep the love flowing in this thread for whoever wants to share <3 GO!