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tbone51 said:

Heres the point, i just said its the second highest selling title which is fact, i never stated how much is sold at all. You clearly stated it didn't sell much, without proof. You never said "I dont think it sold much". You stated it like it was a fact. Seth Nintendo just posted they were happy wth its sales so it tells me you dont kno wat your talking about. I dont mind opinions but you didn't state one. You just bluntly stated it didn't sell well... Pls dont take it the wrong way but dont say things if you have no proof. Once again i never said it sold high. Just its the 2nd highest selling title

I guess I'll start starting every one of my posts as "I think" and end them as "in my opinion" for those of you who aren't perceptive enough to realize that any post most people make is going to be an opinion.  You as well as I know that there's no digital sales numbers that publishers announce or that devs can announce.

Despite my not placing "I think" or "in my opinion" somewhere in that statement, doesn't change that it's an opinion.   


I think Trine 2 is a piece of shit, in my opinion.  Including both is poor writing as well as being entirely redundant, but just want to make it clear who don't realize that just about everything I or anyone else here will post is going to be some sort of opinion.  It'd look stupid if every post that was an opinion someone referenced it as being an opinion.  So suck it up and stop crying when someone doesn't make mention of it.

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Its @ 10th on eShop top of all time but #1 without virtual console!

Update: LoZ Wind Waker HD Is The 8th Highest eShop Title Downloaded In The US!

Any idea what sort of numbers that means?

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anonymunchy said:
Any idea what sort of numbers that means?

I wish i knew, only eShop on 3ds i could guess. IT Outsold Trine2 which was the best selling eShop title not including Virtual Console games!

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LoZ Wind Waker HD Outsold EarthBound! Now The 7th Highest eShop Title Downloaded (US)

Agh. I want it, but maybe I need to wait for retail version.

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update LoZ now #6!

I am also waiting for the retail version. Can't wait.

i will most probably download this tonight