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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What Is It About Super Mario 3D World That Doesn't Make It a "True" 3D Mario Game?

attaboy said:

You can serve my crow to someone else.  I didn't see the unveiling of this game at E3 or whatever.  I just went online and read all of the negative feedback.  I went to see the video, expecting to see Mario punch a baby in the face. When I saw it, I was actually excited for the game.  Seeing the trailers on my Wii U in HD, I thought the graphics were stunning, too!  So I'm hyped for the game.  It's not the 3D game I expected but it really does look like fun and a huge upgrade to NSMBU.

Yeah, I get that people were disappointed because they expected the successor to Galaxy (as in something completely new)..I was as first

...but seriously: They seem to be heavily inspired by SMB2 (all characters are present, you can carry items) and they bring back some obscure outfits from SMB 3 as well (Kuriboh-shoe, Frog suit etc.)

...and it is developed by fucking EAD Tokyo ! It will be great !

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Soundwave said:
DevilRising said:
When people play it they're going to see it is, every bit, a "true" 3D game. People are crapping the pants and making a very big deal about nothing, going off of very little info, as per usual on internet forums.

For me I just want some good, original music tracks.

The "New" Super Mario Bros. series has crap for music, I know they think they are emulating the old Marios, but none of the new music is as good as the old Mario games. It just sounds like midi cheese.

I just don't want to feel like I'm playing a "paint by the numbers" Mario that Nintendo just sorta pooped out for the holidays. Level design is great and all, but I think the NSMB series takes it too far in terms of basically being just a "level design" showcase with barebones presentation in every other area and it's a little tiresome.

NSMBU is the first 2D Mario game in my life I won't play to completion, just because I got half way through and while it's a solid platformer ... I just realized I had no interest in continuning to play. The levels, while designed well just felt like formulaic and unfortunately I think the 3D Land/World series tries to emulate the NSMB series first and foremost.

I really like NSMBU, however NSMBWii is still unequivocally (at least in my mind) the best in the series. U has some nice touches to it, but Wii just had everything going for it: the first return of the Koopa Kids in about two decades, the first home console 2D Mario in that same span of time (Yoshi's Island was a Yoshi game), the Penguin Suit which holds a strong case for being the coolest Mario power up of all time next to the Tanooki, great level designs, far superior item inventory and Toad House system. You name it.

I agree that the music could be better. The "bwa bwa" style just doesn't really feel awesome. I'm with you there, though I don't think it's terrible.


However, Koji Kondo is back doing the music for 3D World, which is already good, and I have already heard talk of cool new versions of classic Mario tunes. So I think there's hope as far as you're concerned.

It doesn't matter. Looks good. It will sell well despite Wii U install base.

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actually its the 3D word in the title

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It is a REAL 3D Mario, it just doesn't look like a very GOOD 3D Mario.

It looks lazy, cheap, uninspired, and basically like a portable game in HD. That's just not good enough for a series that brought us 3 of the greatest games ever made in Mario 64 and the Galaxy games.

It's as if the sequel to Bioshock Infinite was revealed as a Call of Duty clone.

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