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Forums - Sony Discussion - PSVITA.TV just announced!!!

It's a $100 Apple TV/Roku that also plays PS1, PSP, and PSV. Expect it to get everything else with Gaikai. Also can do PS4 remote play.

As in have PS4 in your basement but have PSVITA.TV in your living room. Then play PS4 in your living room.

Ouya killer?

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game changer

3DS demise confirmed.

Only $100.

Should sell well in the West/Europe/Japan at that price-point.

Lol this is what everybody wanted.

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My god the Vita reached $99 faster than 3DS or Wii. Didn't see that coming

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So can my normal Vita do this with a software update as well? I mean it's just a Vita that doesn't have a screen itself but uses the TV as it's screen to play PS1/PSP/PSV titles.


SO much potential in this device. It really reinforces my believe that sony should release gaikai for PSVita before it does it for PS4.

Really smart by Sony. Don't know why anyone else hasn't done this yet (as in the major manufacturers). Apple TV is cool but doesn't have the gaming thing going for it.

this will either save the vita or be its suicide note 


but also i just might get this since i am interested in a vita and its 100$ only downside it isn't portable but understandable

(also what was the whole point in the new vita model if this was in the works?)