Words Of Wisdom said:
redspear said:
Words Of Wisdom said:
There is no value in smoking.

Plus it's icky.

Actually there is a small bit of vale in smoking. It actually helps ward of alzheimers disease. It actually helps people with ADD maintain there concentration a little bit.

Unfortuantely, it is an oxidizer that contributes to the hardening of the arteries and it increases your chance ED. The cancer risk is a bit over exagerated it does increase your chances of gettting lung cancer by over 10x but it is still 1 in 35,000 versus 1 in 350,000 for men a little higher if you are a woman. Bigger risks include stuff like emphyszema and heart attacks but it is far from that 1 in 2 you see on the truth commercials(heres a hint the count smokers who weight 350 pounds and die of a heart attack as a smoke related death).

That doesn't make it less icky.

I was only referring to the no value in smoking part. Smoking smells pretty bad.


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Back when i was a teen i used to smoke, do drugs and drink alot, not so much anymore. It gets hard to fund parties all the time on drug money when there are cops all over the place, glad i got out when i did. I know alot of people that went to jail for drugs and weapon charges. Its not a good road to go down.

I smoke once in a very long while, but I would definitely never do it more than once or twice a month. I'm an athlete and I want to keep my lungs in perfect condition so I can be fit as long as possible. I do respect people's decision to smoke however, it's just something I stay away from.

Some of you may not realize the shit that goes in your lungs, look at this video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=IQ4n7g31RlE

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naznatips said:
ArtofAngels said:
Some of you people don't understand how great smoking is, I'd rather be smoking then playing games anyday.

That's gonna sound really bad^^, smoking gets you places, if that chic last night didn't smoke we would of never exchanged details.

I hardly need to smoke to get women. Maybe in Australia, but in America the habit is being seen as increasingly more disgusting, and is more likely to get you single and lonely than having sex

I don't know why anyone would want to date a smoker anyway. Kissing them is disgusting, and their teeth get yellow and gross. Yes, that's from experience.

Good luck with it. I'm not gonna tell ya how to live your life, just telling you that around here smoking gets you nothing but cancer. If I need to level out I'd much rather sit back, have a few beers, and play video games than smoke.

hey that was mean :(


 Free cigarettes FTW!!

Nope, never have, never will :)

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That was my attitude once^

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^^ same here, used to hate smokers, then again I hate myself so its not a big problem




Tobacco - The American Indian's fitting gift to the white man. It's a shame peyote doesn't grow in New England.

-i am 15 years old
-i don't smoke
-i won't smoke