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Yakuzaice said:

Well it's about time.  Although I wonder what September 20th will mean for retailers.  Will Nintendo foot the bill on existing units for the next three weeks, or will they still be $350?

There is probably a minimal amount of units on shelves. There shouldn't be much of a problem I hope.

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Huh, i figured they'd hold out until early next year. Guess they're a touch more scared of the PS4's price proximity than I had imagined.

This might be good news for Wonderful 101 in America, though, proximity to the release and all.

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Shit just got real.

Too bad they didn`t take the opportunity to also redesign the console.
Still, i wonder what Iwata has to say about this.

although i lost my bet with zorg, this is good news i guess.
the 2DS? just why.

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Welp. XD

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are they also dropping the price on 8gb models or getting rid of them?

Nintendo should do an ambassor program as they did for the 3DS, it would make sense

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I still think software is a much bigger factor for Wii U than price, but that's coming too with Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong Country, and Mario 3D World.

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Good price point imo.

Now they just need to release a few more games and it'll all be good.


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