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Forums - Sony Discussion - What Will Vita's Sales Be With The Official Price Cut In The US?(Week Ending Aug 24th)

tbone51 said:

wat if the increase only does 20k in NoA, and 20k in europe? That means Vita is in F*** up shape lol. But dont wrry, ps4 will save it!

I...I don't know if you're being serious or not with that last bit, and that worries me.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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more predictions needed


Uncharted,call of duty and assasin creed should back to the top 100 again.

PS4 - over 100 millions let's say 120m
Xbox One - 70m
Wii U - 25m

Vita - 15m if it will not get Final Fantasy Kingdoms Heart and Monster Hunter 20m otherwise
3DS - 80m

18K a nice bump but so many people I am hearing are waiting on holiday bundles or sales or new releases or post PS4 launch period to consider one.

It won't be big anyways, 25k maybe with the release of Walking Dead bundle.

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I say 37,762 units


mmm hard to say, i think they should have made the price cut with a vita bundle of killzone. That would have sold ALOT

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My bet is betwen 35k and 45k so i will say 40k!

Between 25 and 35k