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Forums - Website Topics - I (Soriku) have been banned by thy evil twesterm for 4 days :(

Soriku, don't make any more alt accounts, everyone needs to follow the got banned for spamming, though I didn't see anything terrible, so I'll end your ban on Friday instead of Sunday.

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I got straight As this quarter. Last quarter I got perfect 99%s. My school is so easy. LoL I feel bad for you soriku but its just 4 days. You need it too.

OMG soriku was banned again... LOL
oh, well, i think u´ll have to wait, sry man

welcome back Soriku

Shade said:
iclim4 said:
you do know you can get permabanned by making multiple accounts?

bye soriku, well miss you *sniff*, it was a good long run being a VG God.


And you have all those posts and you still think that? All I have to say is Gballzack and Blue3.

shhhh! im trying to scare him.

well Gballzack and Blue3 are permabanned.


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Even forum gods are fallible....which goes to show you...humans can never be true gods....

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.....poor soriku....hes just a little one.

Thats my teammate... thats my quarterback...

I am WEEzY. You can suck my Nintendo loving BALLS!



What's up with parents punishing for not having perfect scores? I bet weren't half as good in school... How can they be so shameless putting that much pressure on their kids? That's beyond me...

poor ol' Soriku

Maybe if you spent less on VGC and your Wii, then maybe you would have done better. I'm not allowed video games on the weekdays.

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