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I've got the Energizer rechargable 2500mAh batteries. I picked 4 of them up on sale with the charger for $10, they last a while in the remotes and also keep a decent charge when they're just laying around (although, I usually just let them trickle charge in the charger when I'm not using them). I'm pretty happy with them.

I would have gotten a Nyko Station, but I've got some silicon protectors on my Wiimotes, so that's not an option.

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I bought 36 AA batteries for $5.

Its probably cheaper to keep on buying those for years than to buy rechargables.

Get the Nyko Charge station, I saw it for $25 somewhere on sale, and if you need more than 2 battery packs you can buy extras for $10 each. Had mine for 6 months and it still works fine.

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stof said:
Rechargeables make the most sense because you can use them for everything, not just wiimotes.

And really, is there a logical reason to have throw away batteries when rechargeables are available? I'm still hoping the non-rechargreable will eventually be banned.

Maybe we should start a petition to get them band here on VGC

 Rechargable is the best way with out doubt.

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Four rechargable batteries
while you are playing 2 are recharging ^^

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ironic, using sony products on nintendo systems

The nyko charge station is great.

I have both battery packs in my 2 wiimotes and my 3rd wiimote (in the wii guitar) runs on rechargable AA's. It's a good system.

Or, what you can do is take the batteries out of the wiimotes after you use them. Believe it or not, they consume power while they're "off". =]

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I have rechargeables but they still drain like crazy. I don't really know if there is a great solution. There are workable solutions, better solutions, and maybe even a best solution, but they all suck in the end.

I like the new Rayovac Hybrid NiMH rechargeables since they are generally a little cheaper than the bigger 'name' brands and they hold their charge when not in use (versus traditional NiMHs which slowly discharge over time). And as mentioned above, you can use the batteries in any device that required AA batteries. I almost exclusively use rechargables batteries for all my devices -- including my Wiimotes.

(P.S. If you want to be really cheap - like me - bring the charger into work and charge your batteries there! ;) )

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