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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Sonic will be a system seller?

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Yes or no?

yes 70 52.63%
no 63 47.37%

I know some people who want a Wii U now. I have 3 friends that have decided on getting a wii u mainly for Sonic Lost worlds!

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it's looking like the first good 3d sonic so the answer is maybe and mostly for sonic fans if yes.

i think so... sonic fans are starved for a sonic game...
would it be in millions? no
probably around 500-750k... but a lot of those numbers bought wii u for that game... i think


Sonic hasn't been a system seller since Dreamcast, and we all know how well that console did.

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Sonic adventure 3 would move consoles for sure.

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I hope so, Sonic Colors and Generation were awesome games. I can see the 3DS version doing well.

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sth88 said:
I'm a HUGE Sonic fan, but even I have to admit that he doesn't move hardware anymore. He's doing much better now than he was 5 years ago, and I'm always excited to hear about new Sonic news, even when it's on a platform I don't own (like Lost World on the Wii U), but the mass market doesn't flock to him anymore, and if they ever do again it probably won't be anytime soon, if for no other reason than that platformers as a whole aren't system sellers anymore. The only one who still comes close is Mario, and even his power has weakened; NSMBU is considered a fine 2D Mario platformer, and yet the Wii U has stagnated ever since the initial launch rush ended.

If the new sonic turns out to be the best yet, would that tempt you to get a Wii U?

Sonic and X are the big two games that make me want to get around to getting a WiiU some day.

For others, I doubt it.

Well Sonic is the closest thing you can get to Nintendo-like games on PS3/360. If you want to play those kind of games I think as a whole, not individually, Sonic games will contribute to make Wii U a must-have system for these mascot platformers.

I don't remember the last time Sonic was a system seller. But that's probably because I wasn't alive at the time.

So no, this Sonic won't change anything. It'll sell to the people who already own a Wii U/3DS, but not to anyone new. (Or to the people "holding off" on buying either system.)