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Is Sony back?

Back in black baby! 326 61.16%
Hell yeah! 135 25.33%
Right on! 32 6.00%
No. It will fail. 38 7.13%

Holly cow, PS4 is KILLING at the chartz, check it out:

Here is the top ten itens in terms of SELLING:

1 - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

2 - Xbox One Console - Day One Edition

3 - PlayStation 4 Launch Day Edition SOLD THE FUCK OUT.

4 - The Last of Us (PS3)

5 - Sony Playstation Network Card - $20

6 - DUALSHOCK 4 Controller

7 - PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Launch Day BUNDLE (CONSOLE)

8 - PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle (CONSOLE)

9 - PlayStation 4 Killzone Launch Day Bundle

10 - The MAW [Online Game Code]


Freaking amazing, the console is SELLING OUT in all its forms and bundles, even the Knack one sits pretty at number 43!!!

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thats a lot of sony in that top 10

What's the difference between the standard and launch edition. Is it by release dates. Also TLOU is doing pretty well.


Bet with gooch_destroyer, he wins if FFX and FFX-2 will be at $40 each for the vita. I win if it dont

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Nice to see Sony doing so well

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Very impressive. They actually revealed the "launch day bundles" only yesterday and 3 of them are already in the top 10.

SnakeDrake said:
What's the difference between the standard and launch edition. Is it by release dates. Also TLOU is doing pretty well.

Launc days one will be avaliable on launch day and will be shipped on launch day, standard edition will only be avaliable if theres enought PS4 left in stock otherwise you gona have to wait a bit till they are in stock to have them shipped for you.


Its mor eor less like this, Sony guaranteed Amazon X units but said it can go up to Y on launch day. They sold X as launch day, those who bought it are sure to have it shipped for them launch day, and theyre ofering the extra ones that complete Y as standard edition and those who buy it may or may not get theyre consoles shipped on launch day, but theyll get them shipped as soon as units are avaliable if there are none on launch day.


And Sonu never went anyway so its not a comeback, so no Sony isnt back it never left.

I'm assuming that those bundles that include a game are guaranteed to be shipped on launch day like launch edition? That's pretty smart for those that missed out on the launch edition.

Standard procedure

I understand people preordering the new consoles already (I did as well), but what exactly is the point of putting down game pre-orders this early? Are people really afraid that they're gonna run out? Hell why not just get your console, hook that baby up to the internet and test that whole play as download games feature? Discs are so last gen anyway........