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Forums - General Discussion - badgenome has left the internet

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E3. Earthbound Wii U. The death of Sony. Final Fantasy VII remake. It's all happening, and I'm hyped! But I'm also kind of terrified that things are going to start leaking, so I'm getting the hell off the internet* for the next week or so so that I can watch the stage shows with no real expectations of what I'm going to see.

Unfortunately, this means I won't be able to play the role of Jerry McGuire in the VGLARPz thing, so I hereby name my understudy amp316 as successor. He has that Mission: Impossible avatar, so I'm sure that he will do a great job worthy of a diehard Tom Cruise fan.

With that business squared away, I bid you farewell. I hope to one day return to the smouldering ruins of whatever is left of VGChartz after all the impending megatons and meltdowns. Goodbye, my friends!

* Except for porn, of course.

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Thats....actually a good idea.

Next week will have tons of leaks, especially the day before E3 starts. Its better to be shocked then to be like "meh I found about that megaton two days ago" lol

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I haven't felt this happy since Osama was killed.

Ask stefl1504 for a sig, even if you don't need one.

Lol cya dude, you are probably making a smart decision.

I guess flower was the tipping point.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

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badgenome said:

Damn, I should have given you Snow White...

j/k thanks for the heads up and see you after e3.

Does this mean it's time to make a badgenome religion?

This feels so formal and sad. I can't believe he's gone forever. Maybe if we pray to him hard enough, he will let us be with him once we die.

Everyone want's to leave these days...Sheesh


well im staying, even when games get leaked the official reveal still has me flipping tables in joy (yeah thats how i celebrate)

The internet will never be the same again...
Cya at e3.