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Which will have better graphics?

DriveClub (PS4) 470 56.02%
Forza 5 (X1) 225 26.82%
They will look identical 48 5.72%
See results 96 11.44%

Remember that DriveClub is being developed by Evolution Studios, and these comprise of many ex-employees that worked on numerous titles, such as GT, wipeout, WRC, as well as Motorstorm.

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Driveclub looks better graphically speaking, but I need to see more gameplay. Forza is a decent racer for newcomers. That rewind thing is pretty nifty. The customization is its best asset.

Taken straight from the trailer:

Edit: Apparently there is more here

NFS Rivals


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I'm sure it will be DriveClub, but I suppose that next-gen racing games will look so good that the differences will have to be found in places like Digital Foundry indistinguishable otherwise.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

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kupomogli said:

For racing enthusiasts, Drive Club. For your average game interested in racing games, Forza. Drive Club just seems to be targeted at car and racing enthusiasts over your average gamer.Drive Club  being only first person is a clear sign of that.  

We'll have to wait until more information on both though. 


How do people know Drive Club is an arcade racer?  My assumption is that it'd be a simulation racer. 

Here's an interview and from certain questions and answers, Drive Club is a simulation racer, not arcade style like some people here are trying to downplay it as.

Not sure if serious...

Evolution Studios never created a driving sim. Turn10 proved itself to be the best racing game developer in the world for the past decade.
I can't believe you actually said that the guys behind Motorstorm do cater to the racing enthusiasts and the guys behind Forza to the average gamer.

Why don't you bring up Mario Kart as well?



Forza 5:



You can find the whole trailer in 1080p here:

It looks awesome.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

The lighting in those Drive club pictures looks more real, otherwise, its really too close to call right now. 

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Chris Hu said:
AbbathTheGrim said:
Chris Hu said:
Forza 5 will be a better game that is what really matters the most.

When did you play both games? Or at least saw enough of both of them?

I'm going by Forza's pedigree.  Also last time Evolution Studios made a game featuring real cars was in 2005 and Turn 10 only makes games featuring real cars.

It's funny, cause you don't have a clue who is on the Drive club team. They have memeber from PGR and GT's team working on the game. And because they are both sony owned i wouldn't be surpised to here that Poly gave Drive club some of their high end modles to kick start prodcution.

Anyway, OT. Drive club looks better than Forza. Forza has never been able to get lighting right and Drive club hit's this one out of the park. 

Forza will have it in the car details for sure, we'll have to see about environments, but I could see Drive Club taking it in that aspect.

Doesn't much matter though, from what I can tell, both games will be visually stunning, so we're splitting hairs here.


This may sound weird but Forza 5 looks more like a game than DriveClub does. DriveClub looks more like real life than Forza 5 does. But i dont even know if we seen real gameplay of Forza 5 yet so.. Oh and Forza 5 has nice tires