Chris Hu said:
AbbathTheGrim said:
Chris Hu said:
Forza 5 will be a better game that is what really matters the most.

When did you play both games? Or at least saw enough of both of them?

I'm going by Forza's pedigree.  Also last time Evolution Studios made a game featuring real cars was in 2005 and Turn 10 only makes games featuring real cars.

It's funny, cause you don't have a clue who is on the Drive club team. They have memeber from PGR and GT's team working on the game. And because they are both sony owned i wouldn't be surpised to here that Poly gave Drive club some of their high end modles to kick start prodcution.

Anyway, OT. Drive club looks better than Forza. Forza has never been able to get lighting right and Drive club hit's this one out of the park.