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I live in Vaughan, "the city above Toronto" :P

FYI guys, that really is the motto.



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Faxanadu said:
Chris Hu said:
Michael-5 said:
Faxanadu said:
Mexico City.

Why? Wouldn't Mexico be way way too hot for me? I can't handle tempuratures above 40C or 110F for long.

spurgeonryan said:
Def. not in Illinois. I think Maine is very nice. Lots of nice areas there. Not too hot either. Unless you are against the cold, but you are from Canada, so that should not bother you much.

Maine would be nice, but not that different from a smaller city in my area. It's just so humid here in Southern Ontario and New England.


I kinda like Quebec, all the towns have a lot of old buildings, culture and everyone I know who's been to Europe says Montreal is just like Europe. However I don't speed French.

Do you have any other suggestions?

I'm just curious at what people think is the best place to live. Like I said every place has a con.

Mexico City doen't get that hot because of its high elevation its higher up then Denver.  Probably the best city in Mexico as far as year around climate goes.

Thanks, you are right. It is more like eternal spring, With average monthly temperatures never being above 30 C.

And it has great food, great people, great parties and great danger.

I would love to visit Mexico City pretty much anytime of the year.  Also I would love to visit Monterrey, Mexico but not during the peak summer month because it can get pretty hot then even though Fort Worth get just as hot during the summer.

One great place in Mexico that hasn't been mentioned is Guanajuato. It's one of my favorite places to visit. Basically it's an old mining town that used to be the richest city in Mexico. It's filled with plenty of colonial style buildings, monuments, and historical sites. One of the things that makes this place unique is that it used to have canals very similar to Venice to prevent flooding. These canals are not needed and they have been converted to tunnels for streets. So basically a lot of the main streets are actually underground. The biggest (and darkest) tourist attraction there actually has to do with the soil in the surrounding area. The soil has some minerals that prevents decomposition of bodies. So the bodies become mummified. They actually have a museum filled with mummies and it is definitely a unique, disturbing, and creepy place to visit.

As for the more non-touristy stuff it has plenty of stuff going for it. It has a good university, plenty of theaters, good nightlife, and friendly people. It is also one of the safest towns in Mexico. Google some images of this town to see how beautiful it is.

Stuff them all just move to New Zealand :P

I would say don't even bother. You're just another Canadian dude looking for a reason to badmouth my great country. You've already voiced your displeasure with a variety of American political idealogies, and this move is just going to be more "evidence" on why America sucks. I bet, after a few months you're going to be back on here complaining. I await the future thread, "damn, I knew America was bad but not this bad! They looked at me funny!" Wacky liberals

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Definitely Puerto Vallarta or Playa del Carmen.
I also like Monterey, California and San Francisco (but I don't like the weather).

I've only lived in Sacramento and La Jolla (San Diego county) during my life:

Pros of Sacramento:
+ Easy to go on day trips to fun places (mountains, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, etc)
+ Safe suburban area
+ Cool people
+ Away from dangers of Earthquakes
+ Lots of trees and beautiful hiking trails

Cons of Sacramento:
- Not much to do outside of Downtown
- and Downtown is pretty dangerous anyway
- Weather's cold enough to be annoying without getting any snow
- hot summers

Pros of La Jolla:
+ Beach
+ Weather always between 55-80 degrees Farenheight
+ Plenty to do
+ Lots of natural beauty

Cons of La Jolla
- Super expensive to live in
- not always the friendliest people
- College kids (could be a pro depending on the person)
- Weather can be bipolar at times

deathgod33 said:
Definitely not New York.

Why Not?

Cirio said:
Seattle is beautiful, peaceful (compared to many other big name cities), has a rich culture, huge sports fanatics, has plenty of outdoor activities, very liberal, and simply an incredible city to live in. It's also 2.5 hours away from Vancouver Canada so you can enjoy that part of Canada also. The only downside with Seattle is the rain. It's almost June and it's going to rain here all week. But once the sun comes out, oh man there's nothing more beautiful than Seattle.

Yep, that's why I meantioned it.

joesampson said:
Vote for Seattle here. Walkable, rain is overrated, winter is mild, summer is very comfortable, and cost of living is decent, and lots of good bars/restaurants/nightlife.

Yea, because you are so close to the Ocean, the Lake Effect makes winters and summer mild. Plus, if you want to go snowboarding, you just have to travel east a bit. Lots of outdoor activities, lots of nice beaches, great food, and lots of asian girls (I'm dating an asian girl).

MoHasanie said:

I'm moving to Vancouver soon and it looks like an amazing place although its very expesinve to live there so that's a bit worryin.
I wouldn't recommend Chicago because my sister lives there and she said its not the best place to live, but she lived in downtown, so perhaps life in the suburbs would be better. 

Chicago is a "Donut City" meaning the way it's designed, Downtown is really ghetto and dangerous, but in a ring around the city it's nice. I've been to the LakeShore in Chicago, it's like the whole Lakeshore is just as good as the best parts of Toronto's Lakeshore.

sales2099 said:
I live in Vaughan, "the city above Toronto" :P

FYI guys, that really is the motto.

Yea, lol, that's the city Motto. A town of 300,000 people, above a city of 2.6 million lol....and most of you guys are Itallian!

Well....just to one up you, I used to live in King "the city above Vaughan."

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