deathgod33 said:
Definitely not New York.

Why Not?

Cirio said:
Seattle is beautiful, peaceful (compared to many other big name cities), has a rich culture, huge sports fanatics, has plenty of outdoor activities, very liberal, and simply an incredible city to live in. It's also 2.5 hours away from Vancouver Canada so you can enjoy that part of Canada also. The only downside with Seattle is the rain. It's almost June and it's going to rain here all week. But once the sun comes out, oh man there's nothing more beautiful than Seattle.

Yep, that's why I meantioned it.

joesampson said:
Vote for Seattle here. Walkable, rain is overrated, winter is mild, summer is very comfortable, and cost of living is decent, and lots of good bars/restaurants/nightlife.

Yea, because you are so close to the Ocean, the Lake Effect makes winters and summer mild. Plus, if you want to go snowboarding, you just have to travel east a bit. Lots of outdoor activities, lots of nice beaches, great food, and lots of asian girls (I'm dating an asian girl).

MoHasanie said:

I'm moving to Vancouver soon and it looks like an amazing place although its very expesinve to live there so that's a bit worryin.
I wouldn't recommend Chicago because my sister lives there and she said its not the best place to live, but she lived in downtown, so perhaps life in the suburbs would be better. 

Chicago is a "Donut City" meaning the way it's designed, Downtown is really ghetto and dangerous, but in a ring around the city it's nice. I've been to the LakeShore in Chicago, it's like the whole Lakeshore is just as good as the best parts of Toronto's Lakeshore.

sales2099 said:
I live in Vaughan, "the city above Toronto" :P

FYI guys, that really is the motto.

Yea, lol, that's the city Motto. A town of 300,000 people, above a city of 2.6 million lol....and most of you guys are Itallian!

Well....just to one up you, I used to live in King "the city above Vaughan."

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