Faxanadu said:
Chris Hu said:
Michael-5 said:
Faxanadu said:
Mexico City.

Why? Wouldn't Mexico be way way too hot for me? I can't handle tempuratures above 40C or 110F for long.

spurgeonryan said:
Def. not in Illinois. I think Maine is very nice. Lots of nice areas there. Not too hot either. Unless you are against the cold, but you are from Canada, so that should not bother you much.

Maine would be nice, but not that different from a smaller city in my area. It's just so humid here in Southern Ontario and New England.


I kinda like Quebec, all the towns have a lot of old buildings, culture and everyone I know who's been to Europe says Montreal is just like Europe. However I don't speed French.

Do you have any other suggestions?

I'm just curious at what people think is the best place to live. Like I said every place has a con.

Mexico City doen't get that hot because of its high elevation its higher up then Denver.  Probably the best city in Mexico as far as year around climate goes.

Thanks, you are right. It is more like eternal spring, With average monthly temperatures never being above 30 C.

And it has great food, great people, great parties and great danger.

I would love to visit Mexico City pretty much anytime of the year.  Also I would love to visit Monterrey, Mexico but not during the peak summer month because it can get pretty hot then even though Fort Worth get just as hot during the summer.