I've only lived in Sacramento and La Jolla (San Diego county) during my life:

Pros of Sacramento:
+ Easy to go on day trips to fun places (mountains, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, etc)
+ Safe suburban area
+ Cool people
+ Away from dangers of Earthquakes
+ Lots of trees and beautiful hiking trails

Cons of Sacramento:
- Not much to do outside of Downtown
- and Downtown is pretty dangerous anyway
- Weather's cold enough to be annoying without getting any snow
- hot summers

Pros of La Jolla:
+ Beach
+ Weather always between 55-80 degrees Farenheight
+ Plenty to do
+ Lots of natural beauty

Cons of La Jolla
- Super expensive to live in
- not always the friendliest people
- College kids (could be a pro depending on the person)
- Weather can be bipolar at times