Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I'm getting the feeling some people don't like all the Fox clones in Brawl

It might be all the referencs to how "LANDMASTERLANDMASTERLANDMASTER looks like an interesting character!", or these pictures. I dunno. =P





You guys found anything else? I personally don't mind the clones, but find these pretty amusing.

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i find the crudely drawn little mac to be mildly hilarious.

i wouldn't mind having the clones if they didn't have the exact same final smash, but they do, therefore i do not approve of them *spits on computer screen*

do falco and wolf have the landmaster too?... well that's a bit dull... but I probably wouldn't have played as Wolf much anyway, there are 35 characters arfter all, it's not exactly limiting.

I like the Little Mac Cartoon

Why would people like clones? They're a waste of character space. We could of had Iori Yagami and Zero instead.

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Could we not label a character a clone until we have detailed information on their moves?

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since I've never liked fox in Smash (what the crap, i posted a lot more than this and its all gone now ........:-)

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How do we know that Falco and Wolf have Fox's FS?

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thekitchensink said:
How do we know that Falco and Wolf have Fox's FS?

 because its been confirmed via pictures and videos from japan.. exactly the same (well.. the landmasters are different colours)

I wish people would play the Dag gone game before deciding that Wolf is another Fox clone... I think he will be a middle weight player(not light like the other 2) He will be more end to hand based. Wonder be a clone if it is my guess... similar? maybe, but no clone.

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Haha at the Little Mac picture, a boxer with a gun sweet! No one complained about Falco in Melee I think the big ruckus has to do with the final character which everyone hoped it was *insert favorite game character here* turned out to be Wolf then to top if off have the same moves as Fox, I believe its mostly all has to do with the wait, anticipation, and letdown, depending on who you ask that is.

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