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maximus22 said:
At this point not even close but eventually perhaps. PS3 holds that title imo.

PS3 got the worst version of multiplatforms so i'd guess Xbox360 would have the best games in that case. Anyway, for going a little bit longer than 2 years, 3DS got an impressive catalogue of games,that  probably is better than most consoles at 2 years in the market

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The DS is still the best console ever at the moment, in my opinion

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My favourite console ever is and was the Nintendo DS. The 3DS has the potential to surpass the DS - but ultimately it comes down to the library. It's too early to tell right now - but it definately has the potential. Kid Icarus U and Fire Emblem A are in my top 10

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Yet another example of Nintendo not even on the same planet as us anymore.

If you were to argue "because it plays DS games" then I'd agree. But for now, the 3DS' western library after 3 years is ok at best. Its Japanese library however is pretty good.

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Is it the same generic newspaper which was so damn negative towards the 3DS. Nintendo 3D ‘makes gamers dizzy & sick’ (HUNDREDS of furious gamers have slammed Nintendo’s new 3DS console — for making them feel ill.

Read more:

I just can't take major newspapers seriously. Than they want me to buy their subscription. Horrible.

It's The Sun. I'd be skeptical if they said that water is wet.

pokoko said:
It's The Sun. I'd be skeptical if they said that water is wet.

Journalism itself has taken the biggest hit in 21st century. I mean we can forgive gaming journalism (hardly such a thing) not mentioning the Cliff B is an investor in Rift and his views should be taken with consideration to that. 

Real life stories about economics are also passed as opinion and fact checking is just horrible. Sometimes willfully horrible. Recently here in Toronto Star there was article about some lady who had a rent increase. She went on a rampage saying how renting is so horrible and she would like to buy a house. No one in the newspaper actually mentioned in the article that she was a marketer for mortgage companies. They were caught red handed and still the shenanigans continue. 

When they call me and offer the newspaper for $1/week promotion. I just have to say thank you for the call but no sorry. Newspaper and media used to be so good and professional. Love the HBO's newsroom even though it can be bit preacy. 

Sorry ranted there and went off topic. 

Did you see the link i posted from sun. Best console everrrr. 

Best ever? PS2 and PS1 anyone?

Ha, if the Sun said that the Earth was round I wouldn't believe them.