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Forums - Movies Discussion - IRON MAN 3 SUCKED NO 2 ways about it... SPOILERS!

Iron Man 1 and 2 is better than 3. I was disappointed

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People complaining, complaining, complaining, complaining, complaining.

My dear god shut your traps and enjoy the movie.

I personally thought it was great, stayed fresh at almost every moment, broke the clichés of terrorism and the perfect american nation, and actually went behind the idea of false terrorism and puppet figures and whatnot.

There was good closure at the end and you felt like Stark had gone full circle. It was good.

Wow, I some how got spoiled on TDKR by reading this. Guess it's my fault for having still not seen the movie.

On to Ironman 3.... I liked it, I think a lot of my remaining problems with the movie would have gone away if they made Killian Chinese, instead of going from half way white washing the Mandarin (Indian is Asian, lol) to completely whitewashing him. Killian WAS the Mandarin, if the dragon tattoos and him shouting that he was the Mandarin was too subtle for some people.

You're being way too critical. Sure, the Extremists or whatever was kind of lame but that's the only complaint I have. The rest of the movie was enjoyable. It was a good movie. 8/10

I finally saw it last night and I agree with every point in the OP. Every single point is valid - the worst part of that movie was how they ruined the Mandarin. That was the kind of plot twist that made me cringe and then cry.

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Saw it yesterday.

Aside from the Mandarin rape, it was a good movie.


Never read the comics but I thought it was very comical and had good action scenes in it. My favorite of the 3 movies. 8.5/10

don't waste time

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Carl2291 said:
Saw it yesterday.

Aside from the Mandarin rape, it was a good movie.


I have not watched Iron man 3 yet but some say it is a great movie in which he fights for his own happiness and love with great graphics and fun.