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Forums - Movies Discussion - IRON MAN 3 SUCKED NO 2 ways about it... SPOILERS!

theman88 said:

I am a huge fan of IRON MAN, and with all of the positive news about the movie including this article from IGN: , I had to say something. This movie was TERRIBLE!

1) Almost every serious moment lost credibility or tone because of poorly timed comedy. I know this is Tony Stark and Iron Man is FUNNY. But the last two movies didnt continually undermine the tone with uneeded comedy.

2) There was not NEARLY ENOUGH ACTION.... there too much tony as a human time, there was very little suit time. And for the lack of action that was Iron Man 2, i expected a lot more. They could have done so much more. The suits at the end of the movie didnt nearly get the screen time that i thought they would. the big giant suit that we see in the trailer, holds up a platform that Tony and Rhodes are standing on... thats it.

3) the villain role switch was just too much for me. I understand that there are twists, where the main villain throughout the film is turned out to a puppet for someone else. But this? I mean I was shocked as the "mandarin" was just joked about in the scene at the mansion. Am i the only one that didnt like this? And before you say it, the twist with the TDKR and Talia was COMPLETELY different.... Bane was still Bane, she was the mastermind. There was no joke made about someone that we were continually made to expect as being the villian

4) The Extremis.... they never EVER explain why something that causes you to regenerate you body makes you able to breathe fire or melt objects. They just added it in there 

5)The ending! Holy Shit the ending....I couldve put up with everything else and it would have been a GOOD movie. But the ending absolutely killed it for me. Why would he blow up all the suits? I guess this was done in the comics, but after everything else that they changed.... this is what they kept? And they never explain how pepper gets fixed, just that tony did it. And losing the chest piece? They made it seem very simple, but i guess they were trying to highlight his dependence on it. I dont know I just feel like they boxed themselves in a corner for where the next movies could go. Biggest thing for me was there not enough suit time and if you know anything about the comics.... this movie said FUCK IT, to them. 


Just like the other two Ironman movies this is a simply above average action movie with a compelling lead character...I enjoyed it for what it was and will probably see it again just because...there is nothing remarkable about any of these movies...they're fluff films.

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pepper falling into the fire was like the baddest scene of the whole movie and (we all knew she was still alive) and then she gets to fight that was simply ugly and unnecessary..

i completely agree with number 2 the suit is a must without it its not ironman.. I thought it would be epic :*(

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I enjoyed it. I like the fact that he's a smartass. RDJ plays the character so well. I enjoy him as an actor. I did'nt really care for the so called twist,but overall I thought it was a decent flick.

In a shocking twist the bad guy is...the evil corporate guy in a suit. The problem with Iron Man is his villains and that really comes across when films cannot even try to portray his most iconic nemesis.

It was, okay. I did not get how Iron man can withstand Thor's hammer and now his suits get chopped through like tissue paper.

It was a 7/10 film at best. Not a bad film but not a great one either.

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It was an okay movie 7/10 I enjoyed it but still felt dissappointed that Marvel never topped Iron Man 1 that was an almost perfect movie.

Ten times more action than Iron Man 2. That was Iron Man 2's only downfall. It was still good, but not great. Like Dexter Season 3.

I did not like their choice of background music at times, and .....well Tony Stark is always humorous. But would he be that funny if he was having panic attacks? Seems like stress would make him less funny. Or maybe that is just how he deals with stress?

I really enjoyed it though. About as much as the first.

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oldschoolfool said:
I enjoyed it. I like the fact that he's a smartass. RDJ plays the character so well. I enjoy him as an actor. I did'nt really care for the so called twist,but overall I thought it was a decent flick.

he doesn't play a character he plays himself and he get paid big bucks to do so

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I politely disagree, IMO Iron Man 3 was the best movie of the series so far.

I agree to some extent with points 3, 4 and 5. Especially point 4.

When the dude breathed fire, i was like wtf.

Anyway, overall it was still a "good" movie. I wouldn't call it anything too special. It's better than Iron Man 2, but not better than Iron Man 1 and The Avengers.


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