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Forums - Website Topics - Are we in the dark ages? MODS WTF?

THat's a very intresting history lesson, superchunk. Who did you guys vote for back then?

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this really is nothing compared to the mods one some other forums i've been to. some of you really take for granted the freedom we have here.
as vg chartz gets bigger, more and more rules will be necessary to keep this place under control.

I for one don't really care about the post length rule. seems pretty fair to me, but I do agree that superchunk's ban (and some other recent bans) were totally uncalled for.

mods need to start handing out warnings through PM's instead of outright banning people for such small offences.

who really cares about inflating their post counts anyway...
other than Soriku and Leo-j...

i agree though, the VG community has been doing fine without this new rule.
rules like that suck out the fun in this forums.

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There's some rough edges on the way the rules work. I like the direction of more transparency and accountability but I'm surprised the FORUM RULES page hasn't been updated.

from what i gather the mod that banned weezy was as confused about the new rule as we are. what weezy did fit the description he was given of being a spammer so Weezy got banned.

ive only seen one mod abuse his powers, banned someone while he was being called out in a heated argument. the guy that got banned was unbanned by another mod though so its all good.

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iclim4 said:
who really cares about inflating their post counts anyway...
other than Soriku and Leo-j...

i agree though, the VG community has been doing fine without this new rule.
rules like that suck out the fun in this forums.

 not really, I have been in tons of forums that there is a limit to how little you can post. This rule is a general rule across a ton of message boards. Like i said befomre, it is to help cut down worthless spam and increase the general outlook of thsi forums to make it at least seem more intelligent. Its all for the overall good of this site as the more intelligent the conversations the more people will join with the frame of mind that this is a mature site and not a site ran by a bunch of raging idiot fanboys. 

As for Weezy, he didnt get his head chopped off just due to spamming, when he posted in DK's original thread about this, I gave him a warning just less then a day before about something else (have to look at my PMs to remember) so that warning on top of what would have been a warning about something he should logically have known about was just stacked on top of each other to equal out grounds for punishment. As for the length please check my comment on his profile on why it was 4 days instead of the 2 days I banned him for.

One last thing, for the rule not being on the rules page yet. Look, ioi has been working for the last few days on getting the predictions league up, and is planning on launching a few other features that you guys should enjoy. So take the ruling as an unwritten rule for right now as ioi has way more important things to do then hear people complaining about minor issues like this unless you don't want this week's numbers? I can always suggest him take a two week's vacation because he does deserve it.

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Amazing discussion about being wrong
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rocketpig said:
gebx said:
Is it wrong that I want to go on Weezy's profile wall and write "HAHA! BANNED!" ??

No, that's funny (extra words added to meet quota).

 See, now those extra words really have added to the quality of your post.

The certain amount of words per post rule can be a pain but they really do help.

I know all of the people posting in this thread try their best to make quality posts, but that doesn't mean everyone on this forum does. By simply adding a word count check to the post count box, it at least helps weed out some of the crap posts.

Of course there will always be people that think they're clever and say things like QFT!! (one two three four) but they that's just life. They're still breaking the rules just as much as they would have before and I would imagine they would be punished accordingly without the rule.

You make a valid point Superchunk!... And these kind of 'rules' or 'guidelines' as i like to call 'em should not be taken literally! The mods have to look at the context for things like sarcasm, trying to make people laugh, etc...

And i guess you, weezy and whoever the other guys were just had bad luck and were the ones that got picked out of the many just to let people know that the mods are there and are watching!... So i'm just gonna say; deal with it... It's over now, you made your point! Now just leave it behind you!...


As for the mods; i never had any trouble with a mod 'abusing' his powers. Most of the time, when i did something 'wrong' i got a warning... And that's it. Apologizing sincerely helps alot too you know!... So maybe pm a mod with a sincere apology if he/she thinks your misbehaving! 


this site grew up with short posts like "QFT" & "FTW"
when a person doesn't agree with a post but many other do, he has to post arguments against it. usually many QFT result in a post against the "agreement".
what it want to say is, that QFT and FTW create "heat" and discussion.