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LiquorandGunFun said:
No change here, just spent $1000 on a new computer with a bad ass card and board. PS4/720 for me.
Steam while i love the company and use them primarily on PC, it is staying on PC. Plus why would i want to deprive me of future GoW and Uncharted and halos? Especially when i already have a good gaming PC. And it takes more than just DOTA2 to wooo me......

No reason why you can't play everything!

Steambox will over nothing new if you have an awesome pc. No-one is denying that. I'm just super enthused cause Valve is embracing linux.

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pezus said:

I'm pretty sure it's more clicking...if you're a skilled player ;o

OT: Dota is great. Praise the Gaben



pezus said:
TruckOSaurus said:
I only played one game of DOTA 2 and I couldn't really see how it differed from LoL (haven't played that much LoL either). Three paths, towers, heroes trying to kill each other, land the last hit to gain gold, buy items, level up. They're basically the same game with different heroes.

Same genre you mean. In FPS games you often have the same guns, same vehicles etc. but they don't play the same. Granted, you won't notice a big difference unless you play it more. Different heroes alone change the game entirely.

Dota (1) was the revolution, LoL the "mainstreamer" and now Dota 2 is back to steal the crowd. 

That's pretty much the best way it could possibly be put.

Steambox is probably not meant for us hardcore PC gamers anyway, so there's no surprise that people with good PCs aren't that interested. It will be targeting the crowd that can't bother with putting the hardware together but want something that can play all (or most?) games well. Plus, it should be portable like a console and basically plug 'n' play.

Heck, I might even consider buying it just for the convenience, so I can play PC games around the house.

don't want to overpost my own thread, but PLEASE look at this:

EDIT: Leave the IFS and BUTS, this is ASTONISHING.

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Dr.Grass said:
antunesaa said:
Dr.Grass said:

I don't know what to say to you Seth. I really respect you (as far as online personalities go), but you're wrong here.

Just plain wrong.

I can't explain why. I can just give you a glimpse of what dota is by referencing some of the people who play it.

1. My friend who's master architect of the biggest online purchasing company in my country has clocked over 1200 hours.

2. My friend who's a game developer has clocked over 1100 hours. He's releasing a game at the end of the year and will make millions. Bet on it.

3. His whole dev studio are all into it.

4. Me. I didn't like it at first. But then I watched him play whilst he expertly gave me the lowdown on what he was doing. SO confusing at first, but BY FAR the deepest, most balanced game I ever witnessed.

I had biases too. I refused to accept it as being something possibly awesome. I was wrong.

So what? Reminds me of a friend many years ago (who by the way was at Garching at the time - if you're going to CERN you know what I'm talking about) talking about one of his acquaintances who, upon being questioned about the people attending a certain meeting, couldn't find a humbler response than saying that "We were at least 5 geniuses..."

Anyways, the fact that a game is capable of drawing apparently rational people for hundreds of hours does not carry a lot of information about the game itself, although it does convey information about those people. IMHO.

Oh man. Here we go. Jeez. Guess I was ignorant to think I'd get through this thread without one of those responses popping up. WHY can't you read my post properly and try and understand a disclaimer when you see it!?

What do you want to say about my #1 friend there? That he's already earning more than you'll ever do? That he's literally GOD in programming? I MADE A DISCLAMER:

I can't explain why. I can just give you a glimpse of what dota is by referencing some of the people who play it.

It's even pretty moot.

"We were at least 5 geniuses..."

Yeah, go ahead and play that card. I don't give a rat's ass ok.(probably you don't even know what I'm getting at now)

You have no arguments here. You're not saying or contributing anything.


Want to see what it's like when unnecessary ass-ish comments are made? Well here you go:

"if you're going to CERN you know what I'm talking about"

I'm at CERN now. Can't you read dates?

Not fun is it. And no, I've never heard of that German place.

FYI, I logged into VGChartz from the CERN library today. Gives everything I say more weight than you. Oh, and it's my thread.

I don't like people being assholes on purpose.


EDIT: Especially if they can't even back it up with some intellectual fervor.

EDIT2: You totally ruined my mood. Here I was, relaxing in the Alps, drinking french wine and eating the finest European chocolate - having fun on VGHartz. And then BAM, derailed by idiocy.

Max-Planck-Institut fur Plasmaphysik, Garching, Germany. Sorry about your lobotomy.

antunesaa said:

Max-Planck-Institut fur Plasmaphysik, Garching, German. Sorry about your lobotomy.

Even so, still have way more left up there than you.

osed125 said:
Dr.Grass said:
Arcturus said:
Is Dota 2 still invitation only?

Yup. Not hard to get an invite though.

You can pay $30 if your're stupid enough lol

Or just by an invite off the Steam market for 2 cents.

That said... for the OP.  That's been me for a while.

PC, then Handhelds is pretty much all i buy.  Got Ni No Kuni as a gift, was going to buy it.  Still haven't been able to discipline myself enough to sit infront of the tv and play it though.  PC is just so much better due to all the multifunctionality.

You're friends clearly don't have jobs or hobbies...

osed125 said:
Trunkin said:
Dr.Grass said:

It's been a while coming.

Just accept it everyone.

Steam is the awesomest thing. Dota2 is the best game ever made. No more running away. No more hiding. Just embrace the change. Some of my friends have clocked THOUSANDS of hours on Dota2. It's the closest thing to a sport ever. No need for much else in gaming.

Sure, I'll get a PS4 for Metal Gear and a few other games.

But Valve has given me everything I actually need in super cheap, super sleek package. If they bring out a console you'll see what a loyal fanbase really is. Of course it won't be a "console", just a pc box. Open sourced and compatible with everything. Oh linux.

Gabe Newell for president. Of the world.

Are you telling me that skilled Dota2 play doesn't revolve entirely around running away and hiding, like in LoL?

A true Dota 2 player can very easily kill you if you run away. Honestly some times the only way to run away from a battle is to teleport....or let your whole team die while you escape.

The main difference here vs LoL is that the towers in LoL hit a LOT harder.  So it's a lot easier to run.