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    < tbone51 posted something on TheJimbo1234's wall:

    i need to replenish my winning bets, want to do one? You think 500k making it sell 4mil by end of this year, I'll wager that but i'll be generous and say it'll do more than a mil.

    Wat do you say? I win if WiiU is 4.5mil or higher. One month sig control (if i lose i'll put your answer on top of my other sig stuff)

    Wat do you say?

    I really could not care less, but find it hilarious that you and others on this site are ignoring the facts. At the moment, it struggles to shift 125k a month and that is with no competition. Yet somehow, when more comes out, it will sell more? A lot more?
    Oh, and that is of course, if places actually stock the WiiU for Christmas =p

    on 02 September 2013

    Since your so sure then make the bet with me

    i know it'll easily beat your expectations, heck i even added the number! What cha say partner ???

    on 02 September 2013

    I don't use this forum enough to care sadly, I just want to try to see where you have pulled those figures from? You are saying it with zero backing. Why?

    on 02 September 2013

    < Kaizar posted something on TheJimbo1234's wall:

    Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie of 2013, and check out the OP:

    Top 18 Movies of Summer 2013 Thread:

    Star Wars episode 7,8,9 & solos Thread:

    < JoeTheBro posted something on TheJimbo1234's wall:

    Dr. Grass is from South Africa, that picture is of a cafe in South Africa with apartments above it. I don't think he's lying...

    So why is he apparently posting from CERN then?

    on 21 March 2013

    < happydolphin posted something on TheJimbo1234's wall:

    Damn... come back and be awesome, I like you already.

    < kowenicki posted something on TheJimbo1234's wall:

    Don't call me a kid again, don't be so aggressive and chill out. I'm older than you, I operate in the financial field and I earn a huge amount of money there. You?

    He's still young Kowen, give him time.

    on 26 February 2013

    He is out of order in that thread, overtly aggressive and plain wrong with his facts. I have corrected him.

    on 26 February 2013

    So then explain why you gave no sources and even got your facts wrong?

    on 26 February 2013

    go read my last post, full of sources and bang on facts.

    on 26 February 2013

    Wow. For a thread about Nintendo, you sure go on a lot about Sony even after I said this is about Nintendo and no one else is. If you want to ramble on about Sony, then make a thread about it and remember, Sony deal in how many markets?

    on 26 February 2013

    TheJimbo, it's a question of comparing apples to apples. If Sony missed their target 4 times and nothing changed, doesn't that affect the "dire" tone in your OP?

    on 26 February 2013

    PERSPECTIVE. RELATIVE. COMPARATIVE. some key words when discussing financial aspects. You simply cant discuss them in isolation. Again.... YOU brought Sony into this. Not me.

    on 26 February 2013

    Again, Sony revised their targets and the company deals in a huge amount of areas, so one target missed is not huge when you hit others with many other products. How many electronic hardware products does Nintendo sell?
    Oh, and Kowenicki, please count how many times you have said Nintendo, and then how many times you have said Sony in a NINTENDO THREAD.

    on 27 February 2013

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    Write 144

    Metacritic stats by Gen 8 platform ** UPDATED **

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 June 2015

    What amazed me is that there are so many games for those platforms yet I can barely think of any that would get me or my friends to buy any of them....

    Write 68

    We need to stop the generalization.

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2015

    It never use to be like this, but I think as consoles became very similar it made it worse. Back in the good old days you would buy one console for its exclusives, and then the other if you liked the other huge list of exclusives. but nowadays its all too similar and people can't justify why they bought it and are a tad insecure about it....

    Write 123

    Wii U fails to reach 10 mil by E3

    in Sales Discussion on 08 June 2015

    Well that is no shocker, but below or above 10 million at this stage is just as bad and confirms its a dead horse....


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