Forums - Sony Discussion - Did you get your $10 from Santa Kaz?

Sony has probably been trawling forums like this to see what you people have been saying. Don't mess with Santa Kaz.

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i did late last night, but I thought it was a scam so i didnt eve bother checking

Santa Kaz did indeed bring me money. From what I've read thus far it's NA only so far, if they've been rolling it out slowly EU will probably get it later in the day or tomorrow.

damn away from my PS3/Vita hopefully I get this..been meaning to buy FF IX for my vita!

KylieDog said:
M.U.G.E.N said:
lol I was just about to ask too..I got this. But can't seem to click the 'link'

Are you in-game?  Try from out of game.

hehe yeah that was the problem. Got it now :D yay

this is good stuff sony

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Free money? PSPlus or Front Mission 3? For Free? I'm in EU though, probably won't get it... :(

Hmm, pie.

FU Sony giving out random money now I have to refigure out what to buy.

Oh I didnt get it yet never-mind love ya Sony :)


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I hope to go home and see this in my inbox. Surely I qualify with my launch PS3/2006 PSN creation.

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I didn't get anything :/ The Gods of Olympus have abandoned me....Now there is no hope.

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KingHades said:
kain_kusanagi said:
I didn't get anything. Probably because I've never purchased anything on PSN. It's my fault for not trusting Sony "Security" so I blame myself.

You know this is the 21st century where you can buy a PSN card right?

I mean it's not rocket science my 9 year old cousin does it.

I haven't bought anything on PSN because I just haven't. The security crack was just a joke. I'm sure I'll buy something on PSN eventualy, I just rarely buy anything digital because I like physical media. Even on XBLA I've only purchased a few games and DLC.