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Can I check my PS3 messages from my computer? Im not near my PS3 until the weekend

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Kaz said I could be the 1st to know in an ad. I don't need the 10 dollars.

its doing an update

Yes!! I received. Kaz i love you S2

define "loyal"

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kain_kusanagi said:
I didn't get anything. Probably because I've never purchased anything on PSN. It's my fault for not trusting Sony "Security" so I blame myself.

Buy psn cards?

And I didn't get one :( and i've spent close to 1500 bucks on the psn! give me 10 bucks kaz!

havent recieved anything :(.. i suspect it is americas only because i have spent about the equivelant of about 700-900 dollars on the store through the years. i am also a plus sibscriber and have been since it launched.. dont know how they could otherwise monitor the "loyal costumers"..

usually europeans gets shafted with stuff like this so i am going to assume it is the same thing this time around..
another option could be that they just havent sent the links out yet. maybe they will match it with the store update that goes live this afternoon in EU.

nope got nothing

Beer money!

I will check later today, setting out for school shortly.

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