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omgwtfbbq said:

no need to leave the forum. Every post Hus makes is just saying "Nindendo is kiddy, Nintendo fanboys are stupid". Just think of it kind of like background radiation. We all just chat here and he's kind of in the background saying the same stuff over and over again and not actually contributing anything. All you have to do is look for the SONY logo and *blip* skip right over his post and suddenly it's all better again. He makes it easy by having a bright blue glowing avatar that is very noticable.

Everyone else here has something worthwhile to say so don't let one troll get you down.

 I agree no need to leave the forums. No need to reply to a post you dont want to. If you feel the urge to reply you are contributing to the problem and you are thus as much of the problem as anything else. And because of that your just as bad as the first offender. HUS is easy to ignore. He posts stupid outright pointless stuff, and he trolls. But sometimes he says really point stuff, that makes alot of sense. I usually have alot of good posts unless there is just a total lack of news, which does happen. Hus does the same too I noticed. He just never gets as civil as me. However I feel the ones that need punished arent Hus. (hus should work on cleaning up his act as it is starting to get old) However I dont feel a ban is the right thing to do. Not yet at least.

Some of the Anti-Hus posts on the other hand, DO need something done about them. They are downright personal attacks and as a fourm rule, is punishable by banning. (which I dont think should happen right off on the first offence, however I do think they should get a warning first. But personal attacks are ALWAYS BAD) 

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i get it, you're his lost twin brother!

EDIT: not you kwaad, the person above you ofcourse

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wiisucks said:
There should be an option to check other members' IP's, because apparently some idiot thinks I'm Hus...

 No. Simple as that. No.

Even though people call people other people. As long as you know who you are, and the mods know who your not. Who cares! Your not gonna get banned. People will call you names, and be banned. Who cares! 

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I fly this flag in victory!

i care, if he undermines this forum. DOH

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Wow, what did Kwaad and Hus get banned for?

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Thank you, ioi.

Yeah I agree with this thread. I post here less and less. I used to post here because I got tired of the fanboyism in the other forum I frequent. I know this may sound a Elitist, but I liked it when there were less people around. It seems that good posters are in the minority when comes to the new arrivals.