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... and I did not like this at all.

I bought the console to use netflix/viaplay in bedroom and then of course for some games. From what I have heard on internet, I thought this was a good buy for the price I got the console. What I got with ps3:

80gb console

sixaxis controller

ps move light bulb stick

a webcam

navigation controller

... a gun for bulb stick

and an awesome game! Motionsports adrenaline!


Not a lot that interests me there, but I had heard that you don't need to pay for PSN+ so it would be quite nice. Then I thought that some of my childhood friends actually have ps3 and they play nhl 13 on it. Of course I bought another copy of NHL, just to kick their asses. And since I have heard that any bluetooth headset will do with ps3 on internet, I bought a decent one.



I was setting up the console in my bedroom and did not have an ethernet cable at hand so I decided to try out the wifi. Wtf... it is worse than on wii. Absolute garbage. Luckily I have ethernet sockets in every room, so that is not a big problem.

Viaplay needs PSN+ and I was very pissed. Since ps3 offered a 30 day trial for free, I decided to try it out. Psn did not work properly and it wanted my credit card details. It took quite a lot of tries but finally I got it working. I had set my console for 1080p and started viaplay. 720p only, wtf?? It would not go to 1080p no matter what I tried. Great...

Oh well, not a big deal. Free PSN+ for month, might as well download some of those great games sony fols keep on mentioning. Wait... bioshock 2? Little big planet? hatchet and clank? Bleh.. Well I'll try bioshock for laughs. Umm... why is loading this taking so long? I pause the dl and check the connection settings.. everything is fine and then I notice that the download test from psn shows 28mbps. WTF. I heard that psn is as good as xbl, how is that possible? That is slower than steam on holiday sale.

Eventually the download finishes (took like 8 hours) and I want to play the game. Wait what, installing? Gahhhhhhhhhhh....

It finally installs and I don't care to play the game anymore.

Next day is the time for nhl match against and old friend. I try to install my headset... what a shocker, it does not work. Then I take a look and notice that it is not supported by ps3. Lovely. It is quite new and it might eventually be supported, but no chat with the game. Also the game menus and such seemed a bit slower than on 360.


 It is also very noisy and xmb is very, very sluggish. Psn is slow as hellm which only adds to sluggishness. Oh and the damn thing woke me up, it started up during the night all by itself and made a beep and the fans kept me up untill I decided to get up and turn it off.


So, my first impression of the console was utter disappointment. Maybe when I get over this, I might try Ni No Ku Ni (or so) when it arrives.




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don't buy an old copy of GT5.. get the most recent one.. otherwise you spend 12 days updating it.. that's my only advice for you


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

For viaplay? Viaplay sucks, at least here in norway!

IsawYoshi said:
For viaplay? Viaplay sucks, at least here in norway!

Well it is the only thing which plays every nhl match there is. In Finland, that is.

I'm not a fan of hatchet and clank either.

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Well yeah you may get over it when you actualy play some games lol which is what the ps3 is for

Buy Flower and it will make everything better. If you start now, you might even be able to finish downloading it by the end of the month.

People complaining about the download speeds on PS3 still? 2mb/s download speed right here boiiiii. Get on my level?

runqvist said:
IsawYoshi said:
For viaplay? Viaplay sucks, at least here in norway!

Well it is the only thing which plays every nhl match there is. In Finland, that is.

Well, seems legit :p The damn exlusives!

I was just about to buy the PS3 as MGS4 is coming out, but you completely changed my mind. Thanks! I think I'll get the Gamecube instead.

P.S. Do you think the Gamecube will be affected by the Y2K bug?