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What Do You Think Of July PS+ Games?

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Hawkeyejonjon said:
Areym said:
Hawkeyejonjon said:
Areym said:
Hawkeyejonjon said:
Areym said:
I have a question if anybody can confirm if it can be done. I would like to get the walking dead first season for my bro for his Vita using my future PS+ account. Is there any way that this can be done? Maybe save it on my PSVita "memory card" and let him play it from there? Or is this noble intention completely impossible to be done?

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean? Like you buy it and he can play it on his vita?

I want to get the first season of TWD from the PSN, the digital version, which is gonna be on sale with the PS+. I want to buy it and let him have it, gift it to him. I know you can't gift in the PSN but is there some work around that? if any.

Than do as MANUELF says.  The only way possible is sharing your account with him and than he can download it and as MANUELF said he has to have a memory card of his own

We actually have our own cards. I have mine (4g) and he has his (8g) So, I would have to let him log in with my account onto the PSN, download the game and then make sure it is saved on his card? That is certainly something I can do since we live in the same house. I will totally give this a shot. Thanks for the huge help.

Yep that is it. Just have him use your account and downloads it. On a side note  he can only connect 1 account on his PS Vita so once he connects your account on it he will not be able to connect his own and for him to play the Walking Dead he will need your account connected to the device and if he disconnects your account off his vita he won't be able to play The Walking Dead or anything from your account.  Before you get confused on this he can play offline he can play while signed out but disconnecting your account from his Vita he won't be able to.  Hope you understand this.

Ah, that is a problem. We got our PSVitas for xmas. Me and my sis gave him one and my sis surprised me by giving me one (it was originally her boyfriend's, who stopped using it after he got tired of playing allstars) I used my PSN from my PS3 and he made his own cause he was tired of giving me trophies (hue) He calls himself Dolphins_Revenge...I don't either. I guess ill buy it for him at the regular discount price. $10 is still pretty good. Thanks for the help, you and Manuel.

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PS Store Updated

As i put in the OP at the very top i will be giving out three codes (one this Saturday [ 7 Day Trial of PS+ ] and the other two later on [ 30 Day Trial of PS+ & 30 Day Trial of Music Unlimited ] ) NA Accounts only sorry about that. Just ask if interested in any of them and it will be a random draw(a raffle practically) You can ask to get both the 30 & 7 Day Trial of PS+ but if you win the 7 Day Trial of PS+ i will take you out of the running for the 30 Day Trial of PS+ but you can still go for the Music Unlimited Trial though. If you have PS+ or a Music Unlimited subscription already these will not stack with your current subscription


Updated. Man i haven't been consistent with these updates :/


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Next up for US

One hell of an update i might say



Which January PS+ Update Is Better?

NA PS+ 16 69.57%
EU PS+ 4 17.39%
Both NA & EU PS+ 3 13.04%
Total: 23

Updated everything

NA/EU PS+ March Preview is up

I finally get to try Unit 13. I hear it's pretty good.

I bought ninokuni and persona 2 from the sale, Im loving ninokuni so far

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