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What Do You Think Of July PS+ Games?

Good 5 55.56%
Average 3 33.33%
Bad 1 11.11%

EU PS Store Updated

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That arcade sale atm is insane. with psn+ Dead or alive 5+ is down to €4 from €40 for the Vita, instanta buy.

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NA PS Store Updated. I will update this post for EU later

May PS+ Games announced and i particularly don't like that it is all indie games

What do you think of the April PS+ Games?
Great 3 27.27%

Good 6 54.55%

Average 1 9.09%

Bad 1 9.09%

Total: 11

EU PS Store Updated

NA/EU Store Updated

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NA/EU PS Store Updated

NA/EU June PS+ Games
NA/EU PS Store Updated

Poll Result for May PS+ Games:

What Do You Think Of May PS+ Games?
Great 3 50.00%
Good 1 16.67%
Average 1 16.67%
Bad... 1 16.67%
Total: 6


NA/EU Store Updated

BraLoD said:
So this week deals are fighting games?

Yep and fighting movies are part of the deal as well