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Forums - Sony Discussion - Official PS+/Store Updates: NA/EU PS Store Update: July 14 - NA/EU July PS+ Games


What Do You Think Of July PS+ Games?

Good 5 55.56%
Average 3 33.33%
Bad 1 11.11%


Giving away a 30 day PS+ trial and 30 day Music Unlimited trial and if you want it just ask. It will not stack with a current PS+ or Music Unlimited subscription

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PS+ April Games Lineup is updated for both NA & EU

I shouldn't have bought Puppeteer in 14 for 14 sale :/
Well updated the thread(which never been updated for the whole month which i totally forgot this thread Whoops) My attention has been elsewhere lol

I'm back and going to start updating it regularly from now on. Oh boy has it been a long time hasn't it? Tell me if the images is showing or not

The March PS+ games have been announced finally coming out today for NA and tomorrow for the EU region

NA Store Updated

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The EU Store Updated

Store Updated

EU PS Store Updated

NA PS Store Updated

EU PS Store Updated